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Find out about BetStars Challenges and how you can win great rewards betting on your favourite sports.


BetStars Challenges


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Complete available Challenges and win rewards.

BetStars Challenges - all you need to know

BetStars Challenges give you the chance to win great rewards just by betting on your favourite sports.

How do they work?

We set Challenges around sporting events. This could be: Place two winning In-Play bets on football matches, or place six winning bets on tennis matches during a big tournament. 

Each Challenge will be fully explained to you with all Terms & Conditions in your Challenge Window. Available Challenges are always housed here, so make sure you check it regularly. 

If you want to take part in a Challenge, then simply select ‘Start’ to have your progress measured. You must do this before you place your bets. 

When you have completed a Challenge you will be credited with a reward.

Why should I take part?

Challenges are simple to complete and you can win great rewards including cash, tickets or bonuses!! 

Challenges are usually set around big sporting events and many customers may be meeting the terms of the Challenge by betting on events without realising it. Don’t miss out on great prizes!

Where’s my Challenges Window?

You can find your Challenges Window online, on the mobile app or, for poker users, on the downloadable desktop client.

  • Web/online users - Login to BetStars then go to ‘Account’ and select ‘Challenges’ from the left-hand menu. 
  • App users - Open the app and find ‘Challenges’ via the ‘More’ menu 
  • Desktop client users - Find the ‘Challenges’ tab on the right-hand side of the client once you are logged in.


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If you have any questions about BetStars Challenges, contact Support.