Kosei Ichinose

Kosei Ichinose

Kosei Ichinose will forever be known as Japan’s first Supernova Elite player. But that feat is just one of many in his rich and varied history. From travelling the world as a student, to winning big in live and online events, Kosei’s journey into poker and subsequent success has spanned continents, and ultimately led to him flying the Team PokerStars Pro flag for his country.

A former English and business student, Kosei discovered poker while studying in Canada in 2006, when a chance visit to the local casino introduced him to the unique chip-shuffling noises and cheers of poker. It was here that he decided to try his hand at Limit Hold’em. Within a few years he would have hundreds of thousands of dollars in poker earnings.

In those early days, Kosei pictured himself holding aloft major trophies over life-changing prize money, and goal-setting has been a cornerstone of his success since. Personal challenges are made annually, and from making a full-time living from poker, to joining Team PokerStars Pro, he’s yet to miss a target. Poker has become a full-time job for Kosei, and it’s the only profession he’s ever known.

SCOOP, WCOOP and Sunday Major cashes are dotted throughout his impressive online resume, while first place trophies in APPT, Macau Millions and Red Dragon events have grown his reputation. He now regularly competes in the toughest MTTs, Omaha and Mixed Games going on PokerStars.

Away from poker, Kosei enjoys good food, great music and any chance to play the piano, a talent he’s been developing since he was eight-years-old. Every now and then, Kosei also likes smacking people with sticks. The activity is a major component of Kendo - an ancient Samurai training method that involves finding opponents’ weak spots and striking them with bamboo. He attributes his lifelong love of the sport to helping him at the poker tables. You have been warned.

Please Note: Kosei Ichinose plays under the Stars ID ‘K. Ichinose’. His previous Stars ID was ‘shinbunshi’.

Career Highlights

Macau Millions March 2014 1st $15,942
APT Cebu February 2014 1st $29,292
APPT Seoul March 2013 1st $46,918
Macau Poker Cup June 2012 1st $24,812

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