Hit it big with The Deal’s progressive jackpot

The Deal is a fun, fast way to turn your StarsCoin into huge cash prizes! Just 7 StarsCoin can see you spin the wheel for a shot at the progressive jackpot, which starts at $25,000 and keeps growing until it hits. And if you don’t make it to the jackpot round you can still make a splash, with cash prizes worth up to $300 to be won.

What’s more, if you play The Deal in the 12 hours before the jackpot is hit, you will automatically win a share of half of the jackpot! Play every day to increase the chances of getting a share when someone scoops the big prize.

Don’t have the StarsCoin to play? Visit our VIP Steps page to learn how to earn StarsCoin.

How to play

  • Click on ‘The Deal Jackpot’ icon in the main lobby of the desktop software, select ‘The Deal’ from the ‘More’ menu of the mobile app or click on ‘The Deal’ button at the poker table.
  • Choose whether to play for 7 or 70 StarsCoin (the bigger buy-in offers larger prizes and a better chance of hitting the jackpot - see prize table below).
  • Select ‘Play now’ and you’ll be dealt seven cards, face-down; choose two to discard, leaving you with a five-card poker hand.
  • The better your hand, the bigger your prize!

You can also play The Deal in auto-play mode. Select more than one hand, click ‘Play now’ and your five-card poker hands will be randomly selected for you.

The Prizes

The prize you receive depends on the buy-in you choose and the hand you make, as follows:

Hand7 StarsCoin70 StarsCoin
Royal Flush Jackpot Round Jackpot Round
Straight Flush $250 Jackpot Round
Four of a Kind $30 $300
Full House $5 $75
Flush $1 $25
Straight 50 StarsCoin $10
Three of a Kind 25 StarsCoin 300 StarsCoin
Two Pair 7 StarsCoin 70 StarsCoin
One Pair 2 StarsCoin 10 StarsCoin
Ace High 1 StarsCoin No prize
High Card No prize No prize

The Jackpot Round

Reach the Jackpot Round and you’ll spin a wheel for huge cash prizes, including the ever-growing progressive jackpot! Hit the jackpot and 50% of the jackpot prize money will go straight into your account. The other 50% will be divided between everyone who has played The Deal in the previous 12 hours.

The Deal Rules

  • All PokerStars and Full Tilt players (if available in your region) are eligible to play The Deal and win the jackpot.
  • The actual amount of the progressive jackpot is displayed in the game software.
  • Players may select the 7 StarsCoin buy-in, or the 70 StarsCoin buy-in for higher value prizes and a better chance of winning a shot at the jackpot.
  • For every 7 StarsCoin used to play The Deal, we add $0.028 to the progressive jackpot - 77% goes into the current jackpot and 23% is set aside for future jackpots. The rest is distributed to players in the form of regular prizes. Each jackpot starts from $25,000.
  • Players who choose to play only one hand will be dealt seven cards face-down and will be asked to discard two cards. Players who choose to play more than one hand will have their cards selected automatically. In both instances the prize a player wins will be based on the strength of the five-card hand that is subsequently revealed. Prize details can be found in the prize table above.
  • All prizes won via The Deal are automatically credited to winning players’ accounts and cannot be exchanged for alternative prizes.
  • By accepting The Deal’s progressive jackpot prize, players give permission for PokerStars and Full Tilt (together with associated entities) to use their Stars ID, avatar and/or other details in promotions and marketing communications. In addition, we may contact winners for the purpose of preparing further marketing and promotional campaigns.
  • All players must meet our eligibility requirements, and we reserve the right to postpone, modify or close this promotion at any time.
  • We reserve the right to withhold, retrieve or invalidate any StarsCoin, tickets and/or funds credited to accounts found to be guilty of fraud or promotion abuse, or within breach of our Terms of Service.
  • The information above was originally produced in English and has been translated into other languages. In the event of any inconsistency or discrepancy between the English version of this information and any other language, the English version will prevail.

Click here for general promotional Terms & Conditions.

If you have any questions about The Deal or earning StarsCoin, please contact Support.

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