Stars Rewards

The Stars Rewards program makes it easy to earn rewards tailored to you, across all our available products. Earn reward points every time you play real money games (subject to certain conditions). Collect enough points to complete your progress bar and you’ll win a Chest loaded with rewards you’ll want to use - including StarsCoin and free play - with the added chance of hitting a special featured reward every time!

Personalised Rewards

Get rewards you’ll want to use in the games you like to play, tailored to you, when you play for real money across all our available products.

Reward Points

Play for real money and earn reward points. Points fill your on-screen progress bar - complete it to win a Chest filled with personalised rewards, just for you. You’ll also earn reward points every time you open a Chest.


Chests can be collected and opened before, during or after your session, and contain rewards that relate to the activities you enjoy, including some with great featured rewards! Rewards can range from StarsCoin that you can spend in the Rewards Store, to a variety of tickets and items tailored to you and the games you like to play. There are six different Chest types of increasing size and value, worth up to the amounts detailed below.


Red Chest

Red Chest

Up to $50

Blue Chest

Blue Chest

Up to $100

Bronze Chest

Bronze Chest

Up to $250

Silver Chest

Silver Chest

Up to $500

Gold Chest

Gold Chest

Up to $750

Platinum Chest

Platinum Chest

Up to $1,000

You can manage all of your rewards in the ‘My Stars’ area of your account.

For more on average values and probabilities, please see the FAQ.

Featured Rewards

In addition to your regular Chest rewards, we’ll also be giving away some amazing additional rewards on a regular basis, divided among a number of random Chests, so each time you open a Chest you could be in for a very happy surprise! These featured rewards could be huge amounts of StarsCoin, live event packages, tickets to online events with big money to be won, thousands in cash, and much more.

Click here to see what featured rewards you could win right now!

Progress Bars

Earn enough reward points to complete your progress bar and you’ll receive your next Chest. Win four Chests in a day (ET) and we’ll upgrade you to a bigger Chest, which will require more points to unlock but will contain bigger rewards on average (see above). Your progress bar will turn blue when you’re approaching an upgrade, and we’ll let you know exactly how long you have left to earn it.

Even if you don’t play regularly we’ll make sure your points targets remain achievable, so everyone has the chance to get regular rewards - and the chance of winning a big reward.


Boosts double the rate at which you earn reward points. For example, if you have a 10-point boost, the next 10 points you earn will give you 20 points towards completing your progress bar. When you’ve completed a boost, a timer will show you when your next one will be available.

If you’d like to learn more about Stars Rewards, check out the FAQ, or contact Support.


Win StarsCoin in Chests, which you use to play games or spend in the Rewards Store. Click here to learn more.


Got questions about Stars Rewards? The FAQ page has the answers.


Click here to read Terms & Conditions of the Stars Rewards program.