Becoming a SilverStar


The third level in the VIP Club, SilverStar is loaded with benefits.  It’s been created to reward your current play and inspire you to shine even brighter as you move towards the GoldStar and PlatinumStar VIP levels.

SilverStar VIP status requires 500 monthly VPPs. As a SilverStar VIP, you can enjoy earning points faster, spending your points in better ways, and playing more VIP tournaments.

Note: Your monthly VPP counter resets at the beginning of each month. To maintain a particular level in the VIP Club, you must earn the required VPPs in the following month in order to stay at that VIP level or to advance to the next level.

  • ChromeStar
    Move up the VIP levels to claim extra benefits and rewards.
  • SilverStar
    Earn FPPs faster as a SilverStar VIP, then spend them in the VIP Store.
  • GoldStar
    Play in more VIP Tournaments and spend your FPPs on improved rewards.
  Chrome Star Silver Star Gold Star
Point Requirements 100
VIP Rewards
FPPs per VPP 1.0 1.5 2.0
VIP Store Access X X X
VIP Tournaments X X X
VIP Stellar Rebates* up to $100 up to $300 up to $900
*Maximum rebates available over a full calendar year.
VIP Store Access
VIP Reward Bonuses $10/
1,000 FPPs
2,250 FPPs
6,250 FPPs
PokerStars Merchandise X X X
Tournament Tickets   X X
VIP Treatment
Award-winning Support X X X
Enhanced Account Security Options X X X
Access to VIP Club Live parties X X X
Monthly VIP Club Statements   X X
VIP Tournaments
FPP buy-in satellites X X X
FPP buy-in tournaments X X X
100K Privilege Freerolls X X X
Weekly $5,000 VIP Tournament X X X
Weekly $30,000 VIP Tournament   X X
Monthly VIP Bash satellites   X X
Monthly $100,000 VIP Tournament   satellites available X
Quarterly $1,000,000 VIP Tournament     satellites available

By earning the required minimum of 500 monthly VPPs to reach SilverStar VIP status, you can earn cash and tournament VIP rewards! As always, the more you play, the more you are rewarded!

Similar to ChromeStar VIPs, SilverStar rewards stem mostly from FPPs and VIP Stellar Rebates. SilverStar VIPs earn FPPs 50% faster than ChromeStar VIPs. Earn more rewards by continuing to earn SilverStar in subsequent months.

SilverStar Rewards Highlights
At least 500 FPPs Achieve SilverStar two months in a row and you will have earned at least 1,250 FPPs (500 in the first month and 750 in the second month). Save up your FPPs to take advantage of the extra selection in the VIP Store!
VIP Stellar Rebates The first $10 VIP Stellar Rebate is available at 750 yearly VPPs
VIP Tournaments
  • VIP $5,000 Weekly Tournament [Freeroll for ChromeStar +]
  • VIP $30,000 Weekly Tournament [100 FPPs for SilverStar +]
  • View all VIP Tournaments

The examples below represent the approximate amount of play required to earn the minimum 500 monthly VPPs for SilverStar VIP status at selected limits and games. These should be used as a rough guide. Playing the amount of listed hands or games per month does not guarantee that you will earn 500 monthly VPPs and SilverStar VIP status.

Multi-Table Tournaments

  • Play around ten $100 tournaments over the month
  • Play around one hundred $10 tournaments over the month

Sit & Go Tournaments

  • Play around ten $30 turbo Sit & Go tournaments per week
  • Play around ten $7 heads-up Sit & Go tournaments per day
  • Play around five-hundred $3 6-Max hyper-turbo Sit & Go tournaments per month

Cash Games

  • Play around half-hour per day at $2/$4 6-M ax Limit Hold’em
  • Play around three hours per week at $0.50/$1 Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em
  • Play around four tables of $0.10/$0.25 Full Ring No Limit Hold’em five hours a week


For increased rewards and benefits, earn 2,500 VPPs in a month to become a GoldStar VIP.

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