VIP Stellar Rebates

Regardless of your VIP Level, PokerStars rewards you with cash! VIP Stellar Rebates credit cash to your account instantly upon purchase from the VIP Store. There are a total of twenty VIP Stellar Rebates, worth $1,200, that you can earn by playing at PokerStars throughout the year! Earn them all and enjoy even more rewards as a Supernova VIP.

Yearly VPP:VIP Stellar Rebate:Cumulative VIP Stellar Rebates:
750 $10 $10
1,500 $10 $20
2,250 $10 $30
3,000 $10 $40
4,000 $10 $50
5,000 $50 $100
10,000 $50 $150
15,000 $50 $200
20,000 $50 $250
25,000 $50 $300
30,000 $50 $350
35,000 $50 $400
40,000 $50 $450
45,000 $50 $500
50,000 $100 $600
60,000 $100 $700
70,000 $100 $800
80,000 $100 $900
90,000 $100 $1,000
100,000 $200 $1,200

Each VIP Stellar Rebate can be purchased once per calendar year for 1 FPP. The first VIP Stellar Rebate is worth $10 and becomes available after earning just 750 yearly VPPs. Keep playing to earn more VPPs and the other nineteen VIP Stellar Rebates, and  you have until the following year to claim them. As always, there are no strings attached and your reward is instantly placed in your account following its purchase in the VIP Store.

How to claim VIP Stellar Rebates

To claim your VIP Stellar Rebates, first unlock them by earning the yearly VPP requirement and then purchase the appropriate rebate(s) from the VIP Store.

Visit the VIP Store from the PokerStars client by clicking ‘Cashier’ and then ‘VIP Store’. Visit the ‘VIP Bonuses and Cash Rebates’ section of the VIP Store and select the appropriate VIP Stellar Rebate.

Select an unlocked VIP Stellar Rebate and click the ‘Buy This Item’ button to have your reward credited to your account. Once a VIP Stellar Rebate has been purchased, a checkmark will be placed next to its name in the VIP Store to indicate that it has been redeemed. As you reach the yearly VPP total required to unlock each reward, they will become available for purchase.

After unlocking all twenty VIP Stellar Rebates, you’ll become a Supernova VIP! Supernova VIPs are eligible for even more rewards, including Milestone Rebates worth thousands of dollars each!

VIP Stellar Rebates and Milestone Rebates will be available for purchase in the VIP Store for a calendar year following the year in which they are earned.  Once the items are removed from the VIP Store it is no longer possible to redeem rewards.

How to track your VIP Stellar Rebate status

You can track your progress towards your next Stellar Reward by viewing the ‘VIP Stellar Rebate’ window.  Access this window by clicking on the ‘VIP Stellar Rebate’ button in the ‘VIP Club’ section of the cashier.  Depending on which PokerStars theme you are using, you may also see a progress bar in the Cashier that displays how close you are to earning your next Stellar Rebate.


If you have any questions about the PokerStars VIP Club, please e-mail us at


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