Becoming a Supernova Elite

Supernova Elite

All the rewards and perks given to Supernova VIPs, plus a lot more.

Supernova Elite is the ultimate VIP status, and we have the rewards to match. As a member of this highly exclusive VIP Club level, you can expect massive milestone bonuses, VIP Store discounts for major international tournaments and earning FPPs faster than a Supernova VIP. In short, there's almost no limit to what Supernova Elite status brings you.

  • Supernova
    Become a Supernova VIP and you will have earned all of the VIP Stellar Rebates.
  • Supernova Elite
    Only the most dedicated VIPs reach the highest VIP status.
  Supernova Supernova
Point Requirements 100,000
VIP Rewards
FPPs per VPP 3.5 5.0
VIP Store Access X X
VIP Tournaments X X
VIP Stellar Rebates* $1,200 $1,200
Milestone Rebates* up to $23,200 at least $43,200
*Maximum rebates available over a full calendar year.
VIP Store Access
VIP Reward Bonuses $1,600/
100,000 FPPs
100,000 FPPs
PokerStars Merchandise X X
Tournament Tickets X X
Live Event Packages X X
Porsche Cayman S X X
Concierge Service X X
VIP Treatment
Award-winning Support X X
Enhanced Account Security Options X X
Access to VIP Club Live parties  X X
Monthly VIP Club Statements X X
Exclusive Newsletters Monthly Monthly
Prioritized Support X X
Live Event Benefits X X
VIP Tournaments
FPP buy-in satellites X X
FPP buy-in tournaments X X
100K Privilege Freerolls X X
Weekly $5,000 VIP Tournament X X
Weekly $30,000 VIP Tournament X X
Monthly VIP Bash satellites X X
Monthly $100,000 VIP Tournament X X
Quarterly $1,000,000 VIP Tournament X X
Weekly Sunday Million VIP satellites X X

By earning the required 1,000,000 yearly VPPs to reach Supernova Elite VIP status, you can earn cash and tournament VIP rewards valued at over $100,000! As always, the more you play, the more you are rewarded! Expected value from VIP Tournaments has not been included in the rewards total. Find out more in the tables below:

Supernova Elite Yearly Reward Summary
Reaching Supernova Elite
As a BronzeStar VIP
Reaching Supernova Elite
As a Supernova VIP

Not including estimated value from VIP Tournaments. Rewards assume FPPs are redeemed at a rate of 1.6c each and VPPs are earned at a linear pace. These values may remain unrealized until FPPs and other rewards are redeemed. FPPs have no cash value.

Supernova Elite VIPs are eligible to purchase a special $20,000 Milestone Rebate for just 1 FPP after earning 1,000,000 yearly VPPs. More Milestone Rebates are available every 250,000 additional yearly VPPs thereafter.

Supernova Elite Reward Details

The VIP Store allows you to choose your own rewards. Spend your FPPs (Frequent Player Points) in the VIP Store on an extensive selection of items, including the PokerStars concierge service. Supernova Elite VIPs receive substantial discounts in the VIP Store when purchasing certain packages to Main Events on the PokerStars EPT, LAPT, and APPT tours. Please note that the value of VIP rewards may change based on purchases made in the VIP Store.

Reaching Supernova Elite, as BronzeStar with 0 yearly VPPs
3,394,375 FPPs Redeemable in the VIP Store, worth approx.
VIP Stellar Rebates $1,200
Milestone Rebates $43,200
VIP Tournaments $1,220

VIP Tournaments

Supernova Elite VIPs have access to additional value in our exclusive Quarterly $1,000,000; Monthly $100,000; and Weekly $30,000 VIP Tournaments. Based on the tournament equity that VIPs received in 2010, these tournaments are valued at approximately $250, $10 and $2 per respective entry. Visit the VIP Tournaments page for more information and a schedule of all tournaments available to PokerStars VIPs.

Keep an eye out for even more value-added VIP tournaments in the ‘Tourney’ & ’VIP’ tab in the PokerStars client!

The tables below represent the approximate amount of play required to earn the minimum 1,000,000 yearly VPPs for Supernova Elite VIP status at selected limits and games. These tables should be used as a rough guide. Playing the amount of listed hands or games does not guarantee that you will earn 1,000,000 yearly VPPs and Supernova Elite VIP status.


Buy-in Approximate games required at
Multi-table Tournaments & Regular Speed Sit & Go’s
Approximate games required at
Turbo Sit & Go’s
$100 20,000/year 25,000/year
$50 35,000/year 45,000/year
$30 60,000/year 75,000/year
$20 90,000/year 115,000/year


Stakes Approximate hands required at
Shorthanded(2) Tables
Approximate hands required at
Full Ring(2) Tables
$5/$10 1,250,000/year 1,250,000/year
$3/$6 1,250,000/year 1,250,000/year
$2/$4 1,500,000/year 1,500,000/year
$1/$2 2,000,000/year 2,500,000/year
$0.50/$1 2,750,000/year 3,500,000/year


Stakes Approximate hands required at
Shorthanded(2) Tables
Approximate hands required at
Full Ring(2) Tables
$5/$10 750,000/year 950,000/year
$3/$6 1,250,000/year 1,750,000/year
$2/$4 2,000,000/year 2,750,000/year
$1/$2 3,000,000/year 4,500,000/year


Stakes Approximate hands required at
Shorthanded(2) Tables
Approximate hands required at
Full Ring(2) Tables
$5/$10 625,000/year 625,000/year
$3/$6 675,000/year 650,000/year
$2/$4 750,000/year 725,000/year
$1/$2 1,000,000/year 925,000/year
$0.50/$1 1,500,000/year 1,500,000/year
$0.25/$0.50 2,250,000/year 2,750,000/year

(2) Based on the number of seats available at a table – not the number of players dealt in.

  • Shorthanded, tables with 3-7 seats
  • Full Ring, tables with 8 or more seats
  • After becoming a Supernova Elite VIP, we will extend your status in the following year on a month-by-month basis provided you continue to earn at least 50,000 VPPs every month, missing no more than two months of 50,000 VPP accrual. The only way to be a Supernova Elite VIP in subsequent years is to have earned 1,000,000 VPPs. The VPP yearly counter resets to zero every January 1.

    Example: If a player earns 1,000,000 VPPs between January 1 and October 31, then on October 31 they will receive Supernova Elite status and receive Elite status for the rest of the calendar year. In January, February, and March of the following year, the player earns below 50,000 monthly VPPs. On April 1, the player’s status will be reset to Supernova VIP if 6,500 VPPs were earned in one of the three months.

    The VIP Club Hall of Fame celebrates the most dedicated and loyal PokerStars players, with Lifetime VIP rewards starting at 5,000,000 VPPs.

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