VIP Tournaments

You're eligible for entry into exclusive daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tournaments, depending on your VIP Club level. The higher your level, the more tournaments you have access to.

Some of these events are free to enter while others require FPP credits for entry - it all depends on your VIP level. These tournaments are GREAT VALUE because they're exclusive to VIPs, which means smaller fields and, ultimately, more opportunities for you to win!

Here's the schedule for daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly VIP Tourneys:


Daily Tourneys

TournamentStart TimesBuy-inMinimum VIP Status
BronzeStar+, $250 Prize Pool 10:05 ET, 14:05 ET 10 FPPs BronzeStar
BronzeStar+, $500 Prize Pool 12:05 ET, 16:05 ET 20 FPPs BronzeStar
$100K Privilege Freerolls 04:00, 10:00, 15:00, 21:00 ET FREE ChromeStar

Weekly Tourneys

TournamentStart TimeBuy-inMinimum VIP Status
$500 FLHE Tourney Saturday 16:00 ET (except last Saturday of the month) 50 FPPs BronzeStar
$500 PLO Tourney Saturday 16:00 ET (except last Saturday of the month) 50 FPPs BronzeStar
Sunday Two Grand Sunday 18:00 ET 50 FPPs BronzeStar
$5,000 Tourney Saturday 15:30 ET FREE ChromeStar
$30,000 Tourney Saturday 14:30 ET 100 FPPs SilverStar
Value Added Sunday Million Satellite Sunday 12:30 ET 2,500 FPPs PlatinumStar
VIP Matches with Team Pro Sunday 14:30 ET 15,000 FPPs SilverStar +

Monthly Tourneys

TourneyStart TimeBuy-inMinimum VIP Status
$2,500 Tourney Last Saturday of the month 16:00 ET 200 FPPs BronzeStar
$100,000 Tourney Last Saturday of the month 15:00 ET Free GoldStar*

*FPP satellites available for SilverStar VIPs.

Quarterly Tourneys

TourneyStart TimeBuy-inMinimum VIP Status
$1,000,000 Tourney 2015 dates: Feb 21, May 23, Aug 15, Nov 7, 14:00 ET FREE Supernova*

*FPP satellites available for GoldStar and PlatinumStar VIPs.

VIP Bash Satellites

VIP Bash satellites offer SilverStar and higher VIPs the opportunity to qualify for PokerStars sponsored live and online poker tournaments, using FPPs, approximately once per calendar month. VIP Bash satellites are designed with huge guarantees to allow PokerStars VIPs more chances to win entry into special events!

Target EventDateFPP Buy-inGuaranteeOverlay
WCOOP Challenge Main Event August 2 2014 25,000 25 entries N/A (28 entries)
$27 Football Fever July 2014 100 170 entries N/A (213 entries)
$22 MicroMillions 7 Main Event July 26 2014 100 400 entries 252 entries
$22 MicroMillions 7 Main Event July 19 2014 200 400 entries 269 entries
$10,300 SCOOP 43 H May 17 2014 25,000 2 entries N/A (9 entries)
$1,050 SCOOP 43 M May 17 2014 5,000 50 entries 22 entries
$109 SCOOP 43 L May 17 2014 500 250 entries 145 entries
$109 900 Million Tournament April 26 2014 100 50 entries N/A (54 entries)
€14,000 EPT Grand Final April 12 2014 25,000 10 packages 7 packages
$215 8th Anniversary Sunday Million March 1 2014 500 200 entries 92 entries
$1 World Record Attempt February 15 2014 5 1,000 entries 776 entries
$700 TCOOP Main Event January 25 2014 5,000 75 entries 3 entries

All of the VIP tournaments described on this page can be found in the PokerStars game client under the ‘Tournaments’ tab in the Main Lobby by selecting ‘VIP:All’ in the ‘Type’ filter.

For a detailed list of benefits and rewards each VIP level provides, please visit the VIP Level summary page.


  BronzeStar Poker Rewards ChromeStar Poker Rewards
SilverStar Poker Rewards GoldStar Bonuses and Rewards
PlatinumStar Poker Promotions
  SuperNova Poker Promotions and Bonuses SuperNova Elite Poker Promotions and Bonuses  


If you have questions about the PokerStars VIP Club, please e-mail us at
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