World Championship of Online Poker FAQ

The World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) includes 66 separate events and a $40,000,000 guaranteed prize pool!  

Below you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the 2014 series. If you still can’t find what you are looking for here, contact

Q.What is the World Championship of Online Poker?


Now in its fourteenth year, the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker is a series of tournaments which brings players from around the world together to compete for WCOOP bracelets and of course, millions of dollars in cash prizes. The World Championship is the game’s premier online poker series.

Q.How do I enter the World Championship of Online Poker?


Anyone with a valid real money PokerStars account can enter. If you don’t yet have an account, it’s easy to download the free poker software and set one up. You can buy in directly, win a satellite for as little as $1 or even get in the game through Frequent Player Point satellites.

Q.What can I use to buy in?


You can buy directly into the events themselves with cash, tickets or T$. Tickets to enter may be purchased in the VIP Store, or may be won in certain satellites which will be marked as awarding tickets. Satellites can be entered using cash and T$, and some accept FPPs. Some tournaments and satellites can be entered using Steps tickets.

Q.Can I unregister from an event for which I've won a seat?


Yes, in most cases. If you win a seat to a WCOOP event and then unregister from it, your account will be credited with T$ equal to the buy-in + fee of that event.

Unregistration will be available from the tournament lobby up until two minutes before the start of each event.

Note that this registration option applies to event seats won via satellite. Event tickets are not transferrable. Event tickets awarded via promotional tournaments must be used in that event or forfeited, as they have no value outside of the tournament to which they grant admission. Some other satellite tournaments, including many with an FPP buy-in, prohibit unregistration. Each of these satellites contains a warning, which appears prior to registration.

If you have already been awarded a ticket for a particular event, please do not play more promotional events which award the same ticket, since if you win the additional ticket will have no value. If you have won a promotional ticket for an event and are registered for that event, you may continue to play cash or FPP satellites to that same event, and if you win you will be awarded T$ for the value of the seat.

Q.What can I do with T$?


T$ can be used to register into any PokerStars online tournament. VIPs can also sometimes use T$ to buy directly into live events. See the About Tournaments page to find out more.

To check your T$ balance at anytime, please visit the Cashier window through the PokerStars lobby.

Q.Will there be any special tournaments or deals for VIPs this year?


Absolutely! We will hold multiple satellites throughout the course of qualifying which are open exclusively to PokerStars VIPs. These special events may include added seats or seats at a higher-than-normal ratio, in either case giving our VIPs many great opportunities to qualify.

Also, VIPs will have the option of purchasing entry tickets to WCOOP events via the VIP FPP Store.

Q.Will there be 2nd Chance events this year?


Yes. Three hours after the start of most events, a Second Chance event for that particular WCOOP event will begin. Each 2nd Chance event will have the same structure as the event for which it follows, though the buy-in will be slightly less and the levels will rise a bit faster than in the corresponding WCOOP event. T$ will be accepted for entry to 2nd Chance events. Bracelets will NOT be awarded to 2nd Chance event winners and Player of the Series points are NOT awarded.

Q.What does the winner of a WCOOP event receive?


The prize is two-fold. For starters, each event has a minimum guaranteed prize pool. On top of the cash, you will be competing for a coveted gold and diamond WCOOP bracelet that will be awarded to the winner of each event.

WCOOP bracelets will be awarded at a special ceremony scheduled to be held at the European Poker Tour (EPT) Prague event in December, 2014 (TBC) Each winner will receive a travel allowance and accommodation to enable their attendance for this ceremony (no tournament entries are included). The travel allowance and accommodations will only be awarded to WCOOP champions who agree to attend the bracelet ceremony. Dates for ceremony hotel room will be at PokerStars’ discretion.

If the winner is unable to attend the bracelet awards ceremony, alternative arrangements will be made to ship the bracelet directly to the winner after the ceremony. Note that it may not be possible for shipment to be made to some locations, in which case alternative arrangements will be made to allow the winner to pick up the bracelet at another PokerStars event, to be mutually agreed between PokerStars and the winner.

Q.Can we make deals at the final table?


For the WCOOP events themselves, yes, and we will be there to facilitate them. However, please note that any deal will have to leave a portion of the prize pool out of the deal to be awarded to the winner. The minimum amount to be left aside will be specified in the tournament lobby. For more details about deals, please see our poker tournament rules.

Q.Can we make deals at the final table of the WCOOP satellites?


No. The intent of the satellites is to produce seats into the WCOOP and not just distribute T$ to people. Therefore, we are prohibiting final table deals during the satellites.

Q.What if I win multiple seats into the same event?


For subsequent seats after the first one you win, your account will be credited with T$ equal to the buy-in + fee of the target event.

Q.How old do I have to be to participate?


To play on PokerStars, you must be of legal age of majority in your jurisdiction. Click here for more information.

Q.What rules govern play in the World Championship of Online Poker?


The standard PokerStars Tournament Rules apply. Please read the poker tournament rules.

Q.What is meant by [1R1A] in the title of some of the events?


[1R1A] indicates that players are allowed 1 rebuy and 1 add-on each within the tournament. For example in a $500 event, players may begin with 7,500 chips each. While their stack is 7,500 chips or less, they may purchase another 7,500 chips for an additional $500. At the end of the rebuy period (specified in the tournament lobby), all remaining players may make a one-time purchase of 10,000 additional chips for $500.

Q.What is meant by [Ante Up] in the title of some of the events?


[Ante Up] is a tournament format where the blinds stay the same while the antes increase with every level. Antes start from the first level.

Q.What is meant by [Re-Entry] in the title of some of the events?


[Re-Entry] indicates that players may re-enter the tournament once they have lost all of their chips. When re-entering, a player will receive a new starting stack and be randomly seated at a new starting seat in the tournament. Re-entry is available in such tournaments for the duration of the late registration period.

Q.What is meant by [Big Antes] in the title of some of the events?


[Big Antes] is a tournament format where the both the blinds and the antes increase with each level. Additionally, antes start from the first level. The structure of these tournaments has a higher ante to blind ratio than the normal structure.

Q.What is meant by [Knockout], [Progressive Knockout] or [Super Knockout] in the title of a WCOOP event?


In Knockout tournaments, a cash bounty is placed on every entrant in the tournament. Every time you eliminate somebody, you win a cash prize!

In a Knockout tournament, every player pays an extra buy-in, which serves as that player’s bounty. For example, a Knockout tournament might have a total buy-in of $4+$1+$0.40, of which $4 goes into the regular prize pool, $1 is each player’s bounty, and $0.40 is the tournament fee.

In a Super Knockout event, the size of the Knockout bounty is the same as the buy-in amount that goes into the prize pool, so there is a bigger incentive to eliminate players.

In a Progressive Knockout tournament, a percentage of every knockout bounty goes to increasing the bounty of the player who caused the knockout. For example, if a player has a $10 bounty on him and the increase percentage for the tournament is 25%, then the player who knocks him out would win $7.50 and their bounty would increase by $2.50. If a player in the same tournament had increased their own bounty to $20 then the player who knocked them out would get $15 and increase their own bounty by $5.

Q.Some of the events are marked as 2-day events. What does this mean?


These events will pause at the point stated in the tournament lobby and will be resumed the following day at the same time Day 1 began. For most 2-day tournaments, just before play resumes on Day 2, seats will be re-drawn and players will be randomly re-seated. For some tournaments, re-seating is not done. See the individual tournament lobby for complete details.

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