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Blackjack: When & How to Tip Dealers

November 13, 2023

All casino goers know that Live Blackjack takes place when facilitated by a trained dealer.

Often times, players may desire to tip their Blackjack dealer following a game but questions concerning the process’ ins and outs loom in their minds and they eventually leave without leaving a gratuity.

Learning when and how to tip the dealer is more straightforward than most think, and can be done in a variety of ways.

Some players will leave a chip on the edge of the table following a round and alert the dealer that the chip is for them. Others will simply do something called a “tip bet.”

As its name connotes, a tip bet is one where the player makes a bet for the dealer so that if their hand wins, the dealer receives what the player would have won. Similarly with chip tips, the amount chosen is generally the minimum table stake. Other options include either tipping 10% on every win or a set regular amount.

When to tip the dealer largely depends on what type of tipping style the player ends up choosing. For example, providing tips in the form of chips is better done at the end of a gaming session, so as not to interrupt the flow of the game, whereas placing a bet on behalf of the dealer will obviously happen during gameplay.