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Sherlock Holmes and Box of Mysteries Slot Review

June 8, 2024

The game is most certainly afoot in Sherlock Holmes and the Box of Mysteries. But forget those foggy London streets for a moment – this slot isn’t about gritty realism. It’s a cosy, almost nostalgic journey back to simpler times when curling up with a good mystery novel was the height of excitement. Core Gaming has crafted a slot that feels comfortable and even welcoming to those new to spinning reels. 

Yet, beneath that unassuming exterior lies a potential for substantial wins, thanks to 4,096 ways to win and a slew of intriguing features. Is this just another Sherlock Holmes-themed slot, or has Core Gaming unearthed a hidden gem? Let’s put on our detective caps and investigate.


Sherlock Holmes and the Box of Mysteries isn’t about flashy graphics or bombastic sound effects. It’s a slot that whispers promises of intellectual stimulation and a comfortable gaming experience. And, of course, it can be played at PokerStars Casino.

The 6×4 grid might raise a curious eyebrow, offering a departure from the usual layout. But it’s those 4,096 ways to win that truly set this game apart. Core Gaming’s creation doesn’t just rely on traditional paylines; it opens up a vast array of possibilities with each spin. And while Sherlock himself might not leap from the screen, the symbols – pipes, magnifying glasses, and enigmatic boxes – paint a familiar world of deduction and mystery.

How to Play

Place your wager, a silent bet on your ability to decipher the clues hidden within the reels. Each spin is a chance to unlock the secrets of those mysterious boxes. While wilds can substitute for other symbols, creating unexpected winning combinations, the true intrigue lies in the special features.

The Mystery Symbols, appearing as sealed envelopes, offer a choice – pick one, and it transforms into a matching set across the reels. The Mega Multiplier, triggered randomly, can amplify your winnings, adding a layer of excitement to every spin. And while details about free spins remain shrouded, their presence hints at even more rewarding gameplay possibilities.


Sherlock Holmes and the Box of Mysteries embraces a cosy, almost nostalgic aesthetic. It’s not about flashy animations or eye-popping visuals. Instead, it evokes the feeling of curling up with a classic detective novel on a rainy afternoon.

The symbols are clear and easily recognisable, and the overall design feels intuitive and welcoming. It’s a slot that prioritises comfort and familiarity, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the chase rather than being bombarded with distracting bells and whistles.

Technical Details

A 94% RTP whispers a comforting promise – it’s a slot that, theoretically, could offer decent returns over time. However, the lack of information on volatility leaves a question mark hanging over the gameplay experience. Will wins be frequent, or will you have to endure dry spells in pursuit of those elusive big payouts?

The maximum win of 25,000x your stake is certainly enticing, but it remains unclear how achievable it truly is. While the maximum bet is capped at £10, it’s uncertain whether the minimum caters to those with a more modest bankroll.

Slot Review Conclusion

Sherlock Holmes and the Box of Mysteries is a slot for those who appreciate a cerebral approach to their spinning adventures. It’s not about flashy lights and bombastic sounds; it’s about solving the puzzle of the reels, uncovering the secrets hidden within the Mystery Symbols, and hoping for a generous boost from the Mega Multiplier.