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Finally, we can put Day 1 to bed. Or, at least, that’s what we’d planned. Tomorrow was supposed to be a day off for everybody. Harrah’s changed its mind and decided on a Day 1D. So, tomorrow, we’ll be back with the whatever is left of the World Series field. Today, drawing more than 1,700 players, was the biggest flight so far. No one suspects tomorrow to be as big. Nonetheless, it’s been a big day here at the World Series.

How big a day? Well, we have no independent verification of it yet, but if we’re being told the truth, a PokerStars qualifier has finished the day with 280,000 in chips. Is that possible? Well, based on his smile tonight, we’re going to believe it. It may be very well that we wake up in the morning and it has all been a clever ruse. If so, we’ll have a thing or two to talk about with the The Anonymous Jeff Norman. Otherwise, it’s going to be a great tale.

Here’s a look at what we covered on Sunday.

Day 1C marks big turnout

Fossilman arrives

Licensed to thrill

Bernie is back

Hachem the railbird

Feature table with Chris Moneymaker

Battle of the network stars

The Anonymous Jeff Norman

Rousso’s blind aggression

Anticipation of tilt

Sunday Million Results (trust me, worth the story)

Gladys’ Night (and the chips)

Day 1D begins at noon PDT on Monday. We will be back, once again, with full coverage.

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