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Felix Schneider’s Top Tips for PSPC

January 12, 2023
by PokerStars Learn

What three tips would you suggest to a player who’s never played a large buy-in event before?


  1. Look more at what others are doing and don’t focus too much on your own play or behaviour. Study the table dynamics and villains, it will help being less nervous.
  2. View it as an exceptional experience that will make you grow no matter the outcome. This way you are already booking a win without having to book a win. Takes off pressure!
  3. Enjoy your time. Have fun. Stay in the moment. Who knows when or if it will happen again!

What can a beginner do to reduce nervousness at the table?

Felix: Find your personal Poker pose when you play a hand. Fix your posture, put your hands always at the same place and fix your eyes at a certain point at the table. This way you will increase confidence, reduce nervousness and avoid giving away tells!


Is there anything players should do to avoid giving away ‘tells’ at the table?

Felix: Do not look straight at an opponent if you are uncomfortable. Do not talk or engage in a conversation. Stay calm, shut yourself off and don’t let anyone intrude your bubble. Everything you say or do can be used against you as it will mostly come off from your subconscious.


Do you make any changes or preplanning when playing at a major event like the PSPC?

Felix: I try to get as much good sleep, rest, fitness and nutrition in as possible. Starting the day with a good routine, doing a little Poker warmup and focus on taking the event on day by day.


What type of food do you try and eat whilst playing a long tournament? And do you take snacks to the table?

Felix: Lots of fruit, Oats, Nuts and Avocado for breakfast to give power to my brain. Similar snacks are good for breaks. Light meals on dinner breaks with a lot of vegetables so my stomach doesn’t draw all the energy for digestion after dinner break.


How do you stay focused and fresh when playing long days at live events?

Felix: Keep counting stacks at the tables in my head, watching hands unfold and thinking about what I would do in their situations, standing up, stretching, turning my chair around as if I was getting a massage – and sometimes getting a massage at the table.

How do you deal with a bad run of hands in a big live tournament?

Felix: Remind yourself that each hand – whether it’s a losing or winning one – is simply presenting you with an opportunity to make the perfect decision!


How would you suggest playing if you build up a big stack in a high buy-in tournament like the PSPC?

Felix: Do not get emotionally attached to a big stack at whichever stage. Simply remind yourself that you have new strategic options with a bigger stack and use them wisely. It could be gone within one or two hands already again. Focus on adjusting your strategy based on your stack size.


What do you do during your breaks?

Felix: Go get some fresh air, go for a walk, talk with friends about anything that needs some venting, get your basic human needs met (getting food, going to the toilet, taking a quick nap or chill and rest).


How would you celebrate after winning a live event?

Felix: Party with everyone who supported me on location, buy dinner, drinks and spend a night out.

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