Buy Play Chips

When it comes to having fun at the tables, learning a new variety of poker or simply testing your skills, Play Chips are a great way to get in the game.

Every player receives 35,000 free Play Chips when they register with us.

You can then top-up your Play Chips balance with 15,000 free Play Chips every four hours. All you need to do is head to the Cashier.

We always offer mega value Play Chip bundles. Check out these:

Standard bundle costNumber of Play Chips
$2.99 500,000
$4.99 1,000,000
$9.99 3,000,000
$19.99 18,000,000
$49.99 90,000,000
$99.99 216,000,000
$199.99 497,500,000
$499.99 1,325,000,000

If you want to get even more Play Chips for your money, keep logging in to our client and watch out for flash sales. There could be up to 150% more Play Chips up for grabs in each bundle.

Please Note: Play Chips can only be purchased on our platform; purchasing Play Chips from any other source is a violation of our General Terms.