Multi-Currency Accounts and Games

Thinking of Adding a Second Currency?

Before adding a second currency to your account, please read the General Terms, which explicitly prohibit the use of the Multi-Currency features for currency trading or speculation.

Looking For More Information?

We offer games in a variety of currencies, to suit our players from around the world. We also offer the ability to keep money in more than one currency at the same time, so that players can manage their money as they see fit, and don’t have to lose out when exchange rates fluctuate.

Every player has the ability to deposit, withdraw, and play with funds in the US Dollar (USD), subject to minor restrictions which may be imposed by some payment methods. Players can also optionally keep money in Euro (EUR), Canadian Dollars (CAD) and British Pounds (GBP). We also offer a variety of games in Euro.

You can add a second currency to your Stars Account via the Cashier. Alternatively, you can simply attempt to join a game in the currency you would like to add. The software will automatically offer to open an account in the game currency on your behalf.

Preferred Currencies

Your Preferred Currency is the default currency for your Stars Account:

  • The Preferred Currency is shown first in the cashier.
  • Your Grand Total, as converted to your Preferred Currency, is displayed in the Summary tab of the Cashier.
  • The Preferred Currency is your default currency for transfers and T-Money trading.
  • Whenever you receive money, but don't have a matching currency account (for example, if you win money in a GBP freeroll, and don't have a GBP account), the funds will be automatically converted to your Preferred Currency.
  • If you choose automatic currency conversion, any money you leave a ring game or tournament with will be credited in your Preferred Currency, and automatically converted if necessary (see below for more information).
  • Your preferred currency will be used if, for some reason, you are unable to specify a currency when one is required (for example, if you are disconnected).

The Preferred Currency cannot be deleted. If you wish to delete your Preferred Currency, you should choose a new Preferred Currency first.

You can change your preferred currency, or delete a currency balance, in the cashier.

Note that if you are closing a balance in which you have a pending bonus, the bonus will expire and you will not be able to continue earning it.

Also note that it is not possible to close your preferred currency, or to close a currency if you have funds currently in play, uncleared funds, or incomplete transactions in that currency.

Converting funds to other currencies

To convert funds from one currency to another, visit the Cashier.

Automatic currency conversion

If you don’t wish to manage every currency manually, visit the ‘Settings’ > ‘Global’ > Multi-Currency’ menu. With automatic conversion selected, any time that a currency conversion is required, it will be performed automatically and you won’t be notified.

The automatic currency conversion setting allows your money to be exchanged from one currency to another automatically if required, without prompting for approval. When doing so, our system will convert at least 0.5 units of the source currency, or all balance in the source currency if the source currency balance is less than 1 unit. We reserve the right to change the minimum conversion amount without pre-notification.

Please Note: this feature may be automatically turned on whenever your account becomes eligible to play real money. To turn it off in the desktop software, log into your account and go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Global’ > ‘Multi Currency’. To do so from a mobile device, log into your account and go to ‘Settings & Tools’.

If you want to keep all funds in a single currency, but play games in multiple currencies, this can also be selected in the ‘Settings’ > ‘Global’ > ‘Multi-Currency’ menu. With this option selected, any money that you win will be automatically converted to your preferred currency.

Note that choosing this option will significantly increase the number of currency conversions performed. Head to the Real Money Transaction Processing and Currency Conversion webpage for rules relating to exchange rates. We reserve the right to change the way exchange rates are calculated without notice.

Currency speculation

Our multi-currency features are intended to be used for playing the games and not for any other purpose. The use of our multi-currency features for currency speculation is prohibited by our General Terms.

If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that currency conversion transactions are being made for purposes other than play, we reserve the right to retroactively apply any fee which was waived as part of a currency conversion transaction, and take any other appropriate measure, which may include confiscation of funds and/or closing the player’s Stars Account.