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Eyes Down: A Beginner’s Guide to Bingo

February 26, 2024

Bingo used to be recognised as a game that Granny played on a Tuesday night with her friends down at the local community centre. Times have changed dramatically, however, and bingo is now one of the most popular pastimes for both young and old.

Whether that is down to online bingo sites and major television ads, it’s hard to say, but everyone seems to have gone bingo-ing mad for the game lately. For players who have never played bingo before and want to give it a go, then this beginner’s guide should help.

New to bingo? Here’s a guide that explains the rules and gives new players some helpful hints to get started.

To understand why bingo is so popular today, players must understand the rules. Bingo, whether played online or at a club, requires everyone who plays to have a card containing rows of numbers. This is commonly referred to as a ticket. As each number is called out, players mark it off their ticket.

The objective of the game is simply to be the first to cross off all the numbers. Easy huh?

The total number of numbers on the ticket determines the sort of game that is being played. Each bingo ticket has numbers that correspond to the numbers that can be called by the bingo caller. 

However, with many bingo games now available online, the numbers are automatically drawn. 

Playing bingo offers multiple opportunities to win each game.

In the majority of bingo games, you can win a prize by:

  • Filling one line on the ticket
  • Filling two lines on the ticket
  • Full house, which is when all the numbers on the ticket have been called.

Some bingo games also offer the chance to win by filling in all four corners on the bingo ticket or filling in a predetermined pattern shape on the ticket.

How to Play Bingo 

Bingo really couldn’t be simpler.

The game begins when the first number is called – if it is on the ticket, it can be crossed off. Great! In online bingo, the system will mark the numbers automatically, so players can just sit back and wait for the game to finish.

In a brick-and-mortar bingo club, the pace of things can be quick, so vigilance is a must. 

This is when the thrill begins since keeping up with the caller is all part of the fun. 

If there are more prizes to be won, the numbers will keep flowing until more lines or a full house is found. 

A full house means that all of the numbers on the ticket have been called.

Bingo Rooms

Every online bingo game is played within a bingo room. 

Players select a game and then click to enter.

All online bingo sites provide a variety of bingo rooms, including 75, 80 and 90-ball bingo games.

Players select the number of cards (tickets) to play in each game.

The biggest difference between bingo games is the quantity of available numbers. Players can choose to play a variety of bingo games online, including:

  • 36-ball bingo
  • 40-ball bingo
  • 75-ball bingo
  • 80-ball bingo
  • 90-ball bingo

Bingo is Fun

Bingo is a fun game of chance, whether played online or at a bingo hall. It is a brilliant night out (or in) where bingo can be played with friends and other online bingo players. 

Many of the online bingo sites have chat rooms where players can chat with each other and make new friends whilst the numbers are being called.  

With the cost of bingo tickets starting at just 1p, Bingo is a relatively cheap game to try. And best of all, fun is guaranteed!