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How To Become A Casino Dealer

April 8, 2024

There are several benefits to becoming a dealer at a casino, and it is certainly a unique job to hold. From being a dealer at an online casino with live blackjack or live tables to becoming a dealer at a real world casino, there are plenty of different ways to immerse yourself in the action and find yourself a well-paying gig and lavish job as a casino dealer. However, you cannot just simply walk into a casino and tell them you want a job, as there are several steps you have to go through before you will be seriously considered for the position. 


With almost anything you decide to pursue, whether it be a job, a hobby, or even something like where to eat when trying a new restaurant, research is always the most valuable tool you can use. Be sure to do plenty of research on the job role of being a casino dealer to get yourself familiar with the position and keep yourself up-to-date with what you need to learn or what you will potentially be dealing with when you seek out the job opportunity. To put it in poker terms, if you go all-in prior to the flop, your chances of succeeding are much lower than if you go all-in post-flop with a strong hand. 

Meet The Requirements 

Any job will have basic requirements that you need to meet to be employable by the organisation. Some jobs may ask for something as simple as a secondary school education. Meanwhile some jobs will want you to go through certain specialised schooling to be eligible to obtain the position. Being a dealer at a casino is one of those jobs that requires you to go to a specialised school or go through training to learn the ins and outs of the job. At “Dealer School”, as it is mostly known, you will learn how to shuffle the cards and handle money and chips. The training will also teach you the rules of several different card table games and give you plenty of practice interacting with players at the table. 

Develop The Skills

Working in a high-stress environment like a casino requires you to develop skills such as solid customer service etiquette and the ability to interact with several different people each and every day. You will need to develop a keen aptitude for mathematics, and having a personality that is rather friendly and outgoing will work better for you in the long run. If you can develop the necessary skills to be successful as a casino dealer and combine them with a friendly personality, you could find yourself making plenty of money from just tips alone. Gaining the necessary experience is also important, so you could start out at a smaller casino and potentially work your way up to some of the bigger casino chains all over the world.

Applying For The Job

Naturally, the final step in the process is applying for the job. You will want to go into the interview focused and informed about your potential duties so you can perform them in case you are asked to give an example. Even if you feel nervous about your experience level, most big casinos offer on-the-job training that will help you along the way when you’re first starting out.