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Unravelling the Truth Behind Gambling and Casino Myths and Misconceptions

April 9, 2024

Myths and misconceptions are rife in our world. These often shape the way we look at certain aspects of our lives and can even deter us from trying new things. For instance, let’s look at the world of gambling and casinos. From superstitions to unfounded beliefs, this world is teeming with myths, and they often cloud reality.

We want to bust these myths and misconceptions so that everyone can enjoy themselves with no stress. So, let’s jump in and debunk some of the most common casino myths and unveil the truth behind them.

#1 Manipulated Machines

We’re sure you have all heard that casinos rig their machines for their benefit. The truth is that reputable casinos live by strict regulations.

On top of that, they also use machines with random number generators so that there’s a heightened level of fair play. That means that the outcome of a session is based solely on chance and sometimes a little skill and luck.

#2 Hot and Cold Streaks 

This machine is hot! Oh no, don’t play that machine. It’s cold. If you have been in casinos, you have likely heard this. Many people believe that machines go through hot and cold streaks.

But slots, as we have already said, use RNGs. That means that every spin is random. So, there is no such thing!

#3 The More You Bet, the Better Your Odds

Do you think that the more you bet, the better your odds of winning are? The amount of money you bet has absolutely nothing to do with your odds. Every hand or spin has just as much of a chance of being successful as the next or last, despite the size of your bet or how many spins you’ve had.

#4 Casinos Keep Players Awake

The air in a casino feels different. Well, yeah, but it’s not what you think. The idea that casinos pump oxygen into the building to keep you awake is just another myth that we want to dispel.

Casinos are actually built with excellent ventilation systems. This keeps the air pretty fresh. The casino designs do use things like layout, sound, and lighting to keep you engaged. That’s true, but they definitely don’t pump in oxygen.

#5 Online Casinos Are Rigged

We talked about traditional casinos being rigged already, but the myth of online game manipulation is just as prolific. Just like traditional casinos, these online establishments want to be reputable, too. Because of this, they often use several of the same fairness tactics as the old-fashioned casinos.

#6 Beginners Bring Bad Luck

There are few people more superstitious than gamblers. One of these prevalent superstitions is that beginners bring bad luck.

We hate to break it to the gamblers out there, but just like those RNGs in the games, luck uses a random generator, too! So, no matter if your neighbour is an experienced player or a newbie, they will not impact your outcome whatsoever.

#7 Improve Your Luck

Speaking of superstitions, they aren’t just about other people. Sometimes, superstitions have to do with rituals. Things like blowing on dice or carrying a lucky charm with them are all things many gamblers do.

These actions, though, do not ultimately dictate whether you win or lose. In essence, they’re really just psychological comforts that put your mind at ease. Though that’s not a bad thing, it’s not a ticket to success.

#8 Machines Near the Entrance Pay More

We promise you that the location of a machine doesn’t have any bearing on the odds of winning. Even though there is a common myth that the machines near the door are more likely to hit big, there is no truth to this. Casinos actually choose the location of a game based on nothing more than space availability.


We hope that dispelling these common myths helps you be more informed and ready for your next trip to the casino. By really understanding the truth, you should be able to be more responsible when it comes to gambling and make better choices, too!