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Tut’s Rumble Slot Review

May 17, 2024

Tut’s Rumble has an RTP of 91.57%. Two key game mechanics include free spins and expanding symbols. Getting 3 or more scatter symbols triggers 10 free spins for players. The special expanding symbols give you a chance to win more during free spins with 1 to 9 special expanding symbols. The art/graphics style is pretty traditional, though not dated. It has a lot of glitter, and the theme is colourful and vibrant. 

Let’s get into the details of this slot game, shall we?


Tut’s Rumble isn’t a journey into uncharted slot territory. The Egyptian theme echoes through the ages, and the glittering symbols are a familiar sight. Yet, a whisper of excitement lingers… expanding symbols slither onto the reels, and those free spins shimmer like a desert mirage. The RTP may be as harsh as the sun, but the promise of those features crackles like unearthed magic.

It won’t be an overstatement to say that the game invites you on a classic Egyptian slot adventure. 

Pharaohs, scarabs, and the Eye of Horus adorn the reels in a symphony of vibrant colours and glitter. The soundtrack evokes the mystery of ancient tombs, setting the stage for your journey. This slot whispers promises with its expanding symbols and the lure of free spins – potent features that could unlock hidden riches. But beware, that harsh desert sun reflects in the low RTP. Every spin becomes a gamble against the odds as you seek glory.

How to Play

Despite the exotic theme, Tut’s Rumble keeps its core mechanics familiar. Place your wager and spin those reels – the age-old rhythm of anticipation takes hold. You’ll aim to land matching symbols on paylines, hoping the sands of fate align in your favour. Three or more scatters are your ticket to 10 free spins, where the real thrill commences. During this bonus round, a special symbol is chosen. Whenever it lands, it expands across the reels, potentially opening the door to greater wins.


Tut’s Rumble embraces a traditional, almost cartoonish Egyptian style. While not groundbreaking in detail, it’s well-executed. Bold colours, a touch of sparkle, and easily recognizable symbols make it a visually engaging slot. The overall experience is lively and fun, though it won’t redefine the limits of slot aesthetics.

Technical Details

And now for the harsh reality – the 91.57% RTP is unforgiving. This makes Tut’s Rumble a risky pursuit, where wins might be few and far between, even with the enticing features at play. 

In terms of volatility, minimum and maximum bet size, additional bonus features, and other technical aspects, the game does exactly as you’d expect a traditional, solid slot game on a major online casino to work.

It’s a well-rounded and decent game. In fact, whereas other games need to have a strong hook to grip people, the well-roundedness of Tut’s Rumble is what makes it superb. It has pretty nice overall features and ranks decently across all benchmarks and aspects in our book.

That being said, your mileage may vary.


Tut’s Rumble caters to a specific kind of adventurer. If you enjoy the familiar comfort of the Egyptian theme, find joy in vibrant visuals, and the promise of expanding symbols and free spins fuels your excitement, this slot might still deliver thrills despite the low RTP. However, if you’re a player who seeks high-octane action, bleeding-edge graphics, or the reassurance of a more generous RTP, then your quest for slot riches lies elsewhere.