EPT100 Qualifiers' Freeroll & Barcelona Takedown Promotional Details

EPT100 Qualifiers' Freeroll

· On or before 16th of August 2014, all players ("Qualifiers") who win an EPT Barcelona 2014 (Season 11) full package (inclusive of hotel opt-in/ opt-out) or win  an EPT Barcelona 2014 Main Event seat will be credited with 1 (one) EPT100 Qualifiers' Freeroll Ticket to their PokerStars account.

· The EPT100 Qualifiers' Freeroll Ticket will enable each Qualifier to take part in the EPT100 Qualifiers' Freeroll scheduled to take place on Sunday 17th August at 12:00EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) ("Freeroll").

· Qualifiers with tickets who wish to take part in the Freeroll must register for the tournament. Go to the PokerStars Client and click on the Events/EPT/ALL and search for Tourney ID: 941294893

· No cash alternative for the Freeroll ticket nor can the ticket be transferred to or used by any other party other than the Qualifier to whom the ticket was credited to as part of this promotion.

· The Top 5 finishers in the Freeroll ("Top Finishers") will each win a place in the EPT100 Barcelona Takedown (details below).

· If you are a Top Finisher and win a place to the EPT100 Barcelona Takedown, you will be  responsible for your own travel and accommodation costs to the extent that this is not provided as part of your prize package. All Qualifiers who participate in the Freeroll must be available throughout the 21st August 2014 (Day 1a of EPT Barcelona Main Event) as the Top Finishers will be required to participate in the EPT100Barcelona Takedown. All Top Finishers must arrive in Barcelona on the 20th of August 2014 are advised to register for Day 1b of the EPT100 Barcelona Main Event on the 22nd August 2014The Qualifier who finishes first in the Freeroll, will have first choice between 5 Team PokerStars Pros with whom they could 'team up' for the EPT100 Barcelona Takedown.  The second finisher would have second choice of Team PokerStars Pros and so on.

· Any Top Finisher who is unavailable on the 21st August 2014 will forfeit  his/her place in the EPT100 Barcelona Takedown. There is no alternative prize and each place will be allocated to the next available finishing player (e.g. 6th position etc).

· All Top Finishers will be contacted via email connected to their PokerStars player account to confirm they have won a place on the EPT100Barcelona Takedown.

· All Top Finishers must reply to the email confirming their availability to take part in the EPT100 Barcelona Takedown, by the 18th August 2014 at 15:00 EDT, or their place will be re-allocated as indicated above

· Following receipt of each Top Finishers' response, a confirmation email will then be sent together with the details for the EPT100 Barcelona Takedown.

· Do note that the EPT100 Barcelona Takedown may involve significant physical activity that you will be required to take part in, so you must notify us of any medical condition that could affect your ability to take part in this event.


EPT100 Barcelona Takedown

· EPT100 Barcelona Takedown is an experience day and challenge for the Top Finishers.

· The identities of which Team PokerStars Pros will be available to take part in the EPT100 Barcelona Takedown will be announced nearer the time and is subject to their availability.

· The EPT100 Barcelona Takedown day (21st August 2014, in Barcelona) will take the following format*:

    o   11:00-11:30 - Meet and Greet.

    o   11:30-12:30 - Photo Challenge

    o   12:30-13:45 - Jet Ski Challenge

    o   13:45-14:00 - Return to Arts Hotel

    o   14:00-15:30 - Lunch/ strategy meeting

    o   15:30-16:00 - Break/ count chips

    o   16:00+ - Tourney

*The format of the day is subject to changes. If such changes should take place, these will be communicated to the winning players at the start of the day.

· EPT100 Barcelona Takedown will have 3 challenges:

· Photo Challenge:

    o  Each 'Team' of Team PokerStars Pro/ Qualifier has 1 hour and a taxi to find a monument/ landmark of their choice in Barcelona.

    o  The Team will attempt to take the best photo, with a PokerStars Shark toy (PokerStars logo facing the camera) in the shot, to bring back to the organisers.

    o  Organisers will post all 5 photos from Teams on the EPT Facebook Page.

    o  The 'likes' will be counted at 15:30 local time. Each 'team' will be allocated a number of poker chips proportionate to the number of 'likes' for their photo, to play the 10-max Challenge.

· Jet Ski Challenge

    o  There will be 2 timed Jet Ski circuit races, with 5 Jet Skis in each.

    o  The circuit races will be timed- and the teams' results will count towards chip allocation for the tourney.

· Tourney

    o  Chips will be counted for each 'team' dependant on their result in the Photo Challenge and the Jet Ski Challenge. Chips will be the same for both the Team PokerStars Pro and the Qualifier in each 'team'

    o  Play will follow rules as laid out by the EPT and Tournament Director

    o  The Team PokerStars Pro will be playing in order for their Qualifier 'team-mate' to win the side-event prize

    o  Each Qualifier can only win one side-event prize. Should both the Team PokerStars Pro and the Qualifier from the same 'team' finish first and second, the 2nd Prize will go to the Qualifier 'team' member who placed third and so on.

· Prizes for the EPT100 Barcelona Takedown (awarded after the tourney) are as follows:

    o  1st = €2,000 + €200 Deepstack 8 Handed

    o  2nd= €1,000 + €100 Turbo

    o  3rd= €500 + €50 NLHE Deepstack

General Terms & Conditions also apply : http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/promotions/terms/