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Eureka2 Latvia: Day 2, Level 11 - 14 updates (blinds 1,200-2,400 ante 300)


5.18pm: Break
The 36 remaining players are now on a 15 minute break, you'll find level 15 updates in a new post shortly.

5.15pm: Chip leaders
There are 36 players left at the moment, and tables are playing eight handed max now. Some of those not too far behind Marko Martinkovič are Zvonimir Zoric (240,000), Agnius Ismailovas (240,000), Martins Schulte (200,000) and Sam Macdonald (190,000).

5pm: Croatian claims chip lead
Marko Martinkovič has just eliminated Andrejus Jakovlevas and in the process taken the chip lead.

The latter was all-in for around 45,000 with T♥8♥ whilst Martinkovič held K♣Q♥. The board ran K♠6♥9♥6♦8♦ and with that pot Martinkovič climbs to 300,000.

4.40pm: Bubble in sight
Just 41 players are left in here in Riga and 32 of those will get paid. Flying the Irish flag is Gary Clarke, he's up to 100,000, which is just below the average of 104,240.

4.25pm: Curse of the chip leader
It's not been a good day so far for the respective end of Day 1 chip leaders. Guntis Aleskins is down to around 130,000 and I just saw Joni Nenonen lose a pot to slip to 80,000 - he started the day with 144,600.

It folded to Cassio Cominezi who limped from his stack of 30,000, Nenonen completed from the small blind and Gerasimos Deres tapped the table.The 3♠9♠T♠ flop was checked round and the A♥ fell on the turn. This prompted Nenonen to fire out a bet of 3,100 and only Deres made the call. The T♣ river went check-check and Deres showed A♦5♠ to claim the pot.

As well as those three, table four also features Ingrida Klassen (63,000) and Martins Shulte (140,000).

eureka_latvia_day 2_ingrida_klassen.jpg

Ingrida Klassen

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,200-2,400 ante 300

4.10pm: Chip counts
Just 44 players remain in the tournament, 32 will get paid. Some of those looking to at least min-cash are: Lauri Valtteri Merikallio (160,000), Ghattas Kortas (125,000), Ermo Kosk (65,000) and Guntis Aleskins (130,000).

4pm: Not Dowling's day
Although he came back with a healthy stack of 137,000 Chris Dowling just couldn't get anything going today. His twitter feed (@ballymorechris) tells the tale of the tape:
"Bad first two levels, got rivered twice in decent pots. Still have 75k going back to 1k/2k/200"
"Lose 200k pot with AcKc v KK. Have 2.5bb left."
"Next hand I'm on the BB and bust."

3.45pm: Lithuanian takes the lead
We have a new chip leader here in Riga and his name is Agnius Ismailovas. He's up to about 280,000 after winning a pot against Zvonimir Zoric.

I only caught the river action, but with a complete board of 4♠4♦T♥A♣9♠ on the felt Zoric (big blind) bet 18,800 into a pot of roughly 28,000. Ismailovas (button) tanked then said: "Do you have it?" To which Zoric said: "I'll show if you fold."

After another minute or so Ismailovas made the call, Zoric showed 7♦5♣, whilst Ismailovas tabled A♥5♦ to win the pot. After that hand Zoric is down to 160,000.

eureka_latvia_day 2_agnius_ismailovas.jpg

Agnius Ismailovas

3.30pm: Double up for Krunas
Rytis Krunas, one of many Lithuanians playing in this event, just got a crucial double up. He was all-in pre-flop for 38,800 with pocket tens and was up against Roman Dolgorukov who held pocket nines.

The bigger pair held up and Krunas doubles to around 80,000 whilst Dolgorukov drops to around 45,000.

3.20pm: Back from the break
The remaining players are now back in their seats and play is back underway.

eureka_latvia_day 2_martins_shulte.jpg

Martins Shulte

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000-2,000 ante 200

3pm: End of the road for Igor
On the last hand before the break Igor Shemchuk moved all-in for his last 9,700. It folded all the way to Martins Shulte in the small blind, he re-raised and the big blind folded.

Shulte: A♠K♠
Shemchuk: A♣8♣

The T♥3♣7♣ flop gave Shemchuk some outs, the 6♦ gave him even more, but he missed them all on the Q♦ river.

54 players are left and they are now on a 15 minute break.

2.45pm: Rawnsley flipped out
I noticed serial satellite qualifier Neil Rawnsley was chatting to tournament staff and no longer in his seat at table six. This could only mean one thing and sure enough he confirmed it. "Yeah I'm out, a pair of eights against K-9 which hit."

Further investigation revealed that Roman Dolgorukov had open-shoved for around 27,000 and Rawnsley, who had just under that, had called all-in.

eureka_latvia_day 2_neil_rawnsley.jpg

Rawnsley - lost a flip to bust

2.30pm: Chip counts
We're down to 59 players in Riga. Here are the chip counts of some of those who remain: Gary Clarke (70,000), Ingrida Klassen (58,000), Joni Nenonen (140,000), Cassio Cominezi (27,000), Guntis Aleskins (225,000), Marko Martinkovič (120,000), Paul Jenkinson (80,000), Chris Dowling (118,000), Agnius Ismailovas (160,000), Sam Macdonald (175,000) and Zvonimir Zoric (215,000).

eureka_latvia_day 2_zvonimir_zoric.jpg

Zvonimir Zoric

2.10pm: Gone
After one level of play the field of 81 has been reduced to 67, Alex Goulder one of those who've busted out during the opening hour today.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600 ante 200

2pm: Fruit machine for Marko
The action folded to Gytis Bernatavicius in the cut-off and he raised to 2,400. Next to act Marko Martinkovič flat called and Rytis Sandaras then moved all-in for 31,100 total. The initial raiser folded, but Martinkovič made the call.

Martinkovič: 7♣7♦
Sandaras: A♦K♠

The 3♣7♥8♣ flop left Sandaras drawing dead, the 9♠ turn and 5♣ river completed the board.

1.40pm: Guntis loses some
I just saw overnight chip leader Guntis Aleskins take a small hit.

He opened to 2,400 from middle position, Dan Hila flatted, as did Igor Shemchuk from the big blind. The three of them saw a 7♣2♥9♦ flop, Aleskins c-bet 3,300 and only Hila called. Both players checked the K♠ turn to see the T♥ fall on the river. It was checked by Aleskins, Hila took his time before betting 5,800. After some thought Aleskins made the call but mucked upon seeing Hila's Q♦T♦.

eureka_latvia_day 2_guntis_aleskins.jpg

Guntis Aleskins

1.25pm: No repeat winner in Riga
There will be no two-time champion on the Eureka Tour just yet. The last remaining champion, Keith Johnson, has just been eliminated. He came back as the third shortest stack so his demise is not a surprise.

In a blind on blind battle Aleksei Kozlovskii shoved all-in with A♦Q♦ and Johnson called with K♥2♥. A king on the flop looked to give Johnson some hope, but an ace on the river Barry Greensteined him out of this tournament.

Five players have been eliminated so far.

1.10pm: Play is underway
Cards are in the air here in Riga, here comes the start of Day 2 rush for the exits. Overnight chip counts can be found here.

1pm: Day two set to start
Of the 278 starters, 81 players have made it through to Day 2. Of the survivors 32 players will pick up at least € 1,750.00. By a quirk of the seat draw the overnight chip leaders from Day 1A (Guntis Aleskins, 216,400) and Day 1B (Joni Nenonen, 144,600) are on the same table.

eureka_latvia_day 1b_joni_nenonen3.jpg

Joni Nenonen

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Lativa: Nick Wright. Photos by Rene Velli.

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