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Confirmed: Negreanu vs Isildur1 re-match is on

isildur1.jpgIt's getting a little late here at PokerStars Blog HQ, but this is news that shouldn't have to wait for morning. We've just received word from Daniel Negreanu that he is 100% up for a SuperStar Showdown re-match with Viktor "Isildur1" Blom this coming Sunday.

As you might have seen, the first match last night ended badly for Kid Poker. In a SuperStar Showdown that was scheduled to last 5,000 hands over two weeks with a $150,000 stop-loss, Blom dismantled Negreanu in fewer than 1,500 hands.

Negreanu took to Twitter when the match was over and gracefully endured 18 tons of advice from the rail. He hinted they he'd be back for the re-match, but it was unclear whether the match was going to happen for sure.

Just a few minutes ago, Negreanu's people talked to our people and it's now locked up for sure. Negreanu and Blom are going to go at it again. Negreanu is reloading for a full $150,000. Otherwise, the rules are the same: 2,500 hands (or until somebody goes broke) of $50/$100 hold'em over four tables.


If you'd like to watch the match as it happens, tune in to PokerStars at 3pm ET. We'll be there. You should be, too.

Stop press: Just moments after we hit the big red button that publishes this thing, Negreanu updated his blog to talk more about his re-match. Here's a snippet:

"I elected not to play the Wynn Classic, and instead devote my time to playing heads up on PokerStars all week in preparation for my rematch next Sunday. I haven't decided how I will approach the next match, a lot of that will depend how this week goes. I'll be doing some experimenting, as I mentioned, and I won't know exactly how I'm going to play him until the match starts."

You can read the whole thing HERE.

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