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The Power of a Good Run

Robbie Strazynski

Have you ever gone on a great run at the poker table? The adrenaline rush is powerful. You feel indestructible, like you can bulldoze any and every opponent standing in your way as you amass more and more chips. Having myself experienced some pretty darn great runs at the tables over the years, I'd argue that you can get the same powerful adrenaline rush from a good run away from the felt as well. Of course, I'm referring to actual, physical running. The release of endorphins, the visceral joy of building up a sweat after pounding the pavement, that sweet feeling of muscle soreness; it's hard to top the joy of a good run. Or so I thought, until 2015.

That's the year I started my Running Well charity campaign, pledging $1 per kilometer I ran. I wasn't much of a runner back then, but I still ended up donating about $140 to charity that year. In 2016, I decided to "raise the stakes," as it were, making a concerted effort to exercise more. It worked, and I ended up donating over $400 to charity. Last year, I felt the time was ripe to "go all-in" with a "1,000km Charity Poker Challenge." As before, I'd continue to pledge $1 per km towards a great charitable organization (Kids Kicking Cancer), but for the first time I had set a couple of official goals: