PSPC Class of 2019: Platinum Pass winners

Below you will find our Platinum Pass winners listed by their official Pass number. Click on the linked names (where available) to learn more about the Class of 2019. If you'd like to browse through their photos and other short bios, visit our full Platinum Pass winners index.

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Updated June 11, 2018

1 Mihai Manole PSC Prague Bubble LIVE Romania
2 Andrejz Tomasz Siemieniak PSC Prague Bubble LIVE Poland
3 Andrea Benelli Italian Poker Open Last Longer LIVE Italy
4 Adrian Nica Winter Series Micro ONLINE Romania
5 David Jose Fino Pereira Winter Series Low ONLINE Germany
6 Bas Haamers Winter Series Medium ONLINE Netherlands
7 Philip Elliott Winter Series High ONLINE Canada
8 Maria Konnikova PCA National Championship Winner LIVE United States
9 Maksim Zakharchenko Winter Series All In Shootout ONLINE Ukraine
10 Thai Ha PCA Main Event Day 2 drawing LIVE United States
11 Eisuke Kobayashi ACOP Platinum Series 20 Main Event LIVE Japan
12 Maria Lampropulos PCA Main Event Winner LIVE Argentina
13 David Peters PCA Main Event Wild Card drawing LIVE United States
14 Steven-John Jost PCA Main Event In the Money drawing LIVE Switzerland
15 Fintan Gavin Megastack Ulster Main Event Winner LIVE Ireland
16 Mikolaj Syp PokerStars TV Live Stream Challenge OTHER Poland
17 Oleksandr Khadzhy-Ivan Collectibles Shootout ONLINE Ukraine
18 Dragos Trofimov PSF London High Roller Winner LIVE Moldova
19 Giuseppe Caridi PSF London Cup Winner LIVE Italy
20 Kalidou Sow PSF London Main Event Winner LIVE France
21 Anton Botov Collectibles Shootout ONLINE
22 Tiago Magalhães BSOP Sao Paulo Main Event Winner LIVE Brazil
23 Kelvin Kerber BSOP Sao Paulo Player of the Series LIVE Brazil
24 Cao Siyou Macau Poker Cup Baby Red Dragon Winner LIVE China
25 Mikhail Elantsev Monthly AISO (Selected daily tournaments) ONLINE
26 Azamat Amirovich Babamuhametov Monthly Sunday Cashers ONLINE
27 Roman Saroka PokerStars Live Qualifier AISO ONLINE Belarus
28 Anton Sulymka Anniversary Cashers Freeroll (winner 1) ONLINE Ukraine
29 Simeon Dimitrov Panov Anniversary Cashers Freeroll (winner 2) ONLINE Bulgaria
30 Antonyan "Harry" Gevorg Rafikovich Stars Rewards Players Championship Giveaway ONLINE Armenia
31 Alvan Zheng MPC Red Dragon LIVE China
32 Sandhy Sitepu Macau Poker Cup National HK$25k Winner LIVE Indonesia
33 Mikita Badziakouski Macau Poker Cup High Roller Winner LIVE Belarus
34 Gonzalo Alejandro Robles FRESH Series Main Event winner ONLINE Argentina
36 Mike Takayama Manila Super Series winner LIVE Philippines
37 Peter Brankin London Megastack winner LIVE UK
38 Artem Kitkin Monthly Sunday Cashers AISO ONLINE
39 Michael Schulz PokerStars Live Qualifier AISO ONLINE Germany
40 Travis Nesbitt Monthly AISO (Selected daily tournaments) ONLINE Canada
41 TRIUMP100 .es/.fr Selected Tournaments AISO ONLINE Spain
42 Krisztián Kormány Stars Rewards Players Championship Giveaway ONLINE Hungary
43 Pieter-Michael de Goede Turbo Series Main Event ($55) ONLINE
44 Julien Perouse Turbo Series Main Event ($1,050) ONLINE Canada
45 Sergii Syvoraksha Truth or Bluff Freeroll Winner ONLINE Ukraine
46 Sven McDermott Twitch Promo Winner ONLINE Ireland
47 TGM#21406 Turbo Series AISO ONLINE United Kingdom
48 Gareth Gardner PSL London Winner LIVE United Kingdom
49 Lester Edoc Manila Super Series 6 Winner LIVE Philippines
50 James Ablott Genting Poker Series LIVE UK
51 Robert-Louis Bernard Grilli Spinball AISO ONLINE France
53 Guillaume Merlinge MegaStack San Remo Winner LIVE France
54 Cai Shui Ze APPT Macau National winner LIVE China
55 Jian Chen APPT Macau Asia Open Winner LIVE China
56 Matous Houzvicek EPT Sochi National Event Winner LIVE Czech Republic
57 James En-Ning Chen APPT Macau High Roller Winner LIVE Taiwan
58 Lin Wu APPT Macau Main Event Winner LIVE China
59 Vitaly Avanesyan EPT Sochi Cup Winner LIVE Russia
60 Leonid Leonidovich Timonin EPT Sochi Cup Day 2 Flip Out LIVE Russia
61 Arsenii Karmatckii EPT Sochi Main Event Winner OTHER Russia
62 Nikishin Stepan Sochi Webstream ONLINE Russia
63 Mindaugas Povilaitis Stars Rewards Players Championship Giveaway ONLINE United Kingdom
64 Natalia Evgenevna Reznik Card Hunt Give Away ONLINE Ukraine
65 Pedro Padilha Chaves BSOP Brasilia Diamond Players Freeroll LIVE Brazil
66 Mikhail Anatolyevich Lysenko Monthly Sunday Cashers ONLINE Ukraine
67 Murilo Thiago Souza Figueredo PokerStars Live Qualifier AISO ONLINE Brazil
68 Andrei Ivanovich Timofeev Monthly AISO (Selected daily tournaments) ONLINE Ukraine
69 Filippo Filardo .es/.fr Selected Tournaments AISO ONLINE Italy
70 Thiago Crema de Macedo BSOP Brasilia Brazil's Top Players LIVE Brazil
71 Diego Palma APPT Korea Kickoff Winner LIVE Chile
72 Alfonso Mora Díaz-Oliver .ES/.FR SCOOP Main Event High ONLINE Spain
73 .ES/.FR SCOOP Main Event Low ONLINE
74 Ecktor Lopes BSOP Brasilia All-In or Fold tourney draw LIVE Brazil
75 Marcelo Horta BSOP Brasilia Main Event Winner LIVE Brazil
76 Juan Antonio Ollero Vidal .ES/.FR SCOOP PSPC AISO ONLINE Spain
77 Yuki Ko APPT Korea National Event Winner LIVE Korea, South
78 Sumit Sapra APPT Korea Main Event Day 2 Drawing LIVE India
79 Christopher Michael Soyza APPT Korea Main Event Winner LIVE Malaysia
80 Tom Haney Genting Poker Series Sheffield LIVE United Kingdom
81 Abao Shi Macau Millions Warm-Up Winner LIVE China
82 hackrmaenz Sunday Million Anniversary ONLINE Norway
83 Pierre Lewandowski Megastack Dublin Main Event Winner LIVE France
84 Chen An Lin Macau Millions Main Event Winner LIVE Taiwan
85 Miguel Montoya EPT Monte Carlo Day 2 winner LIVE Chile
86 Guillaume Diaz EPT Monte Carlo National Winner LIVE France
87 Nikolay Ponomarev Megastack London Winner LIVE UK
88 Paul Tedeschi EPT Monte Carlo Main Event Flip Out LIVE France
89 Michael Page NJSCOOP Main Event Winner (High) ONLINE United States
90 Derik Li NJSCOOP Main Event Winner (Low) OnLINE United States
91 Franz Ditz EPT Monte-Carlo PSPC Live Satellite LIVE Germany
92 Vagner Schroeder André Akkari Inagame Ranking LIVE Brazil
93 Nicolas Dumont EPT Monte-Carlo Main Event LIVE France
94 Toin Voncken Monte-Carlo Webstream OTHER Netherlands
95 Lucas Denis Monte-Carlo Webstream OTHER France
96 Sean Waloszczyk Monthly Sunday Cashers AISO ONLINE Canada
97 Dwyer Tobin Monaghan PokerStars Live Qualifier AISO ONLINE Ireland
98 Viktor Snigirev Monthly AISO (Selected daily tournaments) ONLINE
99 Imar Vera Escorihuela .ES/.FR Selected Tournaments AISO ONLINE Spain
100 Andrey Andreevich Terekhov Stars Rewards Players Championship Giveaway ONLINE Russia
101 Ignatius Meng Manila Megastack Main Event LIVE Singapore
102 Simone Speranza IPO Campione Main Event Last Longer LIVE Italy
103 Atanas Pavlov London Series Main Event LIVE Bulgaria
104 Mathias Maasberg SCOOP Main Event Low Winner ONLINE Germany
105 Gergely Kulcsár SCOOP Main Event Medium Winner ONLINE Hungary
106 Gianluca Speranza SCOOP Main Event High Winner ONLINE Italy
107 Jussi Nevanlinna SCOOP Overall Leader Board Winner ONLINE Finland
108 Alexander Moiseev SCOOP AISO ONLINE
109 Rogério Pereira BSOP Natal Qualifiers Tournament LIVE Brazil
110 Saulo Sabioni BSOP Natal Main Event winner LIVE


111 Moiseev Igor Olegovich Monthly Sunday Cashers AISO ONLINE
112 Jaroslaw Balcerek PokerStars Live Qualifier AISO ONLINE Poland
113 Imre Kivilo Selected Daily Tournaments monthly AISO ONLINE Estonia
114 Johan Geroges Girard .ES/.FR Selected Tournaments AISO ONLINE France
115 Han Sam Kim Stars Rewards Players Championship Giveaway ONLINE Canada
116 I-Cheng Lin Manila Super Series 7 Main Event LIVE Taiwan
117 Mohamed Ould Tidjani MegaStack London Main Event LIVE Mauritania
118 Darren Millar Mammoth Dublin Main Event LIVE Ireland
119 Andrew Grimason Mammoth Dublin High Roller LIVE Ireland


David Korn PSF Marbella Cup Flip Out Challenge LIVE



Alex Irwin PSF Marbella Cup LIVE

United Kingdom