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Chests values and probabilities

In Stars Rewards, there are six different types of Chests, each of which awards a number of random rewards when opened.

Based on the number of Chests you earn every day, you will be moved up or down to bigger or smaller Stars Rewards Chests, so you won't miss out on regular rewards and the chance of winning big prizes.

See below a breakdown of Chest values and prize probabilities:

Frequency Red Blue Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
1 in 10,000 $50 $100 $250 $500 $750 $1,000
500 in 10,000 $0.70 $2.10 $5.30 $13.50 $34.35 $103.70
700 in 10,000 $0.42 $1.26 $3.18 $8.10 $20.61 $62.22
1,300 in 10,000 $0.14 $0.42 $1.06 $2.70 $6.87 $20.74
1,500 in 10,000 $0.12 $0.37 $0.95 $2.43 $6.18 $18.66
1,800 in 10,000 $0.09 $0.29 $0.74 $1.89 $4.80 $14.51
2,000 in 10,000 $0.08 $0.25 $0.63 $1.62 $4.12 $12.44
2,199 in 10,000 $0.07 $0.21 $0.53 $1.35 $3.43 $10.37

This table lists values of Chests offered within our loyalty program and excludes any other Chests earned outside Stars Rewards.

*Calendar days are based on Eastern Time (ET)


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