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Here is some helpful information about your table image.

How do I add or change a table image?

To add or change a table image, log in to your account and select:

  • Desktop: Settings → Account Details → Select Image
  • Mobile: Tap on the Account icon, then select the plus sign under the image beside your username.

A new window will open, where you can choose between different icons from our gallery or adding your own custom image (available only on desktop software).

To choose an image from our gallery, pick one of the tabs. They include flags from everywhere around the globe and a vast array of avatars.

To add your own custom image (desktop only):

  1. Choose ‘Custom Image’.
  2. 'Select New Image'.
  3. Find your image from your device.
  4. Select the file and press 'Open'.
  5. After you upload your selected image to our server, press and drag the selection box over the area of your image (the smaller window at the right shows you how your image will appear at the table).
  6. Once you're happy with the image in the smaller window, press ‘Submit for Approval'.

The image can take up to 5 days to be approved. You’ll get an email if your image is denied.

If you use an image from the internet, make sure not to use any copyrighted images.

How often can I change my table image?

You can change your image from our pre-defined icons anytime, but custom changes are limited to 3 changes per month. Once you choose a new custom image, your old one will be deleted.

If you've already uploaded the maximum number of images (3 times in 30 days), the change image option will be grayed out.

Can I block another player's image?

Yes. Right-click on the player's image and select 'Block Image'. To display it again, uncheck the same option.

To turn off all the images, head to the main lobby and select:

Settings → Table Appearance → Table Display → Untick ‘Show Player Images’.

How do I remove my table image?

Log in to your account and select:

  • Desktop: Settings → Account Details → Select Image. You'll see your image with a trash bin icon above it. Select that icon and then 'OK' to confirm.
  • Mobile: Tap on the Account icon, press the plus sign under the image beside your username and select the empty frame.


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