Transfer options and features

What is the Transfer Sending limits feature?

Transfer Sending limits are one of the safety features for your account. They let you control the total amount of funds sent from your account using our transfer feature.

Can I transfer to other poker rooms?

No. It's not possible to transfer your account balance to other poker rooms via our software. You can only use our transfer facility to transfer funds between other players on our platforms.

How do I make transfers in currencies other than USD?

To make a transfer in another currency, both the sender and the receiver must have that specific currency added to their accounts. If not, the following message will appear: "It is not possible to transfer money to this player at this time."

You can add a new currency or move funds from one currency bankroll to another, by going to:

  • Cashier → Manage Currencies

If you're sure that the transfer receiver has the specific currency added to their account, and you still receive an error message, ask them to contact us to identify the reason for the issue.

What are the minimum or maximum transfers I can send?

The minimum amount you can transfer is $0.01.

The maximum amount you can transfer depends on any limits you have set, your account status, and your previous history with us. You can check your maximum transfer amount, by logging in to your account and going to:

  • Cashier → Transfer to Player

Large transfers may need some verification checks either by phone or email. As well as specific documents to prove your identity and account ownership.

How to check canceled transfers?

To check all your transaction history, including canceled transfers, go to:

  • Desktop:
    • Cashier → More → Transaction History
  • Mobile:
    • Account → Cashier → Transaction History


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