Fold and Watch

In a Zoom game, you can watch the final result of a particular hand, even if you decide to fold. To do so:

Desktop software
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Table Appearance
  3. Table Display
  4. Tick Display Fold and Watch (Zoom).
  5. Select Apply Changes and click on OK.
  6. The next time you play in a Zoom game, a Fold and Watch icon will be displayed next to the 'Fold' button. Selecting this icon will fold your hand and enable you to watch the rest of the action.
  1. Press the chevron located at the bottom left corner of the table and select Fold and Watch.
  2. You still have the option to get dealt a new hand by selecting Fold.

Zoom tournaments do not have the 'Fold and Watch' option.


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