Continuation Betting

One common type of bluff is the “continuation bet” or “c-bet”. This simply means continuing with any pre-flop aggression and betting on the flop, whether or not your hand has connected.

It is a very simple play to execute: raise pre-flop and then bet or raise again after the flop. It tells a consistent story, which is one of the key elements of successful bluffing. Your pre-flop raise demonstrated strength and your c-bet drives home the point that you like your hand. This approach makes it very hard for your opponents to work out if you actually have a good holding or not.

Although this is a strong play, it is also important not to over-use it. Do not c-bet every time. As ever, it is important to vary your game, and you should also try to balance your continuation bets based on the board’s texture. If it is particularly wet, with lots of draws, then your c-bet is more likely to run into trouble.