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Even as the clock ticks down on another year, we think there’s still time for one more challenge.

At least one you can watch and get involved with. Because the one we had in mind involves Tyson Apostol, the Survivor winner turned poker player, some social media challenges, and some help from you and Team Pro Chris Moneymaker, who will be serving as a kind of games master, in charge of seeing that each challenge is completed.

And there’s a Platinum Pass waiting for him if he does it.

Over the coming few days, he will be challenged on what we think are five of the most important aspects of poker – and all with a Survivor element thrown in.

You can say yourself what those five skills are. We’ve boiled them down to:

• Discipline
• Patience
• Memory
• Math
• Reading people

Here’s how each task will look. And read on to find out how you can get involved.


Starting with the basics, Tyson will have to complete the
MTT course on PokerStars School.

Sounds simple enough.

He could do worse than start at the very beginning with an article about early tournament strategy, and take it from there.

But we’re expecting something more from Tyson. How would a real survivor tackle these tests?


Next comes a task that involves slightly more will power.

Patience is a skill, as well as a virtue in poker. It’s essential to success, and getting through long periods when the cards keep you quiet.

So here’s how we’ll test Tyson.

He will have to sit and listen to Survivor “experts” spout off about the show.

But Tyson will have to keep quiet as they do so. He’ll need the discipline to sit through the nonsense they say (and it will be nonsense) without jumping in to correct them in any way.


In this task, Tyson will be asked to remember a long list of random facts.

What type of facts are we talking here?

Some will be poker related (Chris Moneymaker may want to quiz Tyson on his own record) while others may be Survivor related facts.


Then there’s the math.

It’s part of the game that can baffle the uninitiated, and even the initiated. So Tyson will need to brush up on his math skills by completing tasks that range from simple, to perilously hard.

Want to chip in with some suggestions? Keep you eye on #TestingTyson.

Reading People

The all-important read you get on someone can be the difference between winning and losing. Of course, that’s a lot harder than it sounds.

So, we’re turning Tyson into a Human Lie Detector.

When he’s ready, Chris Moneymaker will invite people to send their videos describing two things that are true, and one that isn’t.

Chris will choose the three best to present to Tyson, who will then have to spot the lie.

What happens next?

The easiest way to follow the challenges — and get involved with the challenges set for Tyson by Chris — is to follow them both on social media.

Chris Moneymaker: @CMONEYMAKER
Tyson Apostol: @TysonApostol

Also, keep an eye on the #TestingTyson hashtag. That’s where you’ll find all the challenges, as well as the results of the latest challenge, and what happens next.

For now, it’s over to Tyson.

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