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There’s more than just the same old bloggers here this week and, representing PokerStars London, is a certain Joanne Haslam, who has taken to this job like a duck to Guinness water. Here’s her rundown on some of the more distinctive competitors on display.

I’m Joanne and my usual job is as a Poker Specialist in the support team, but this weekend I’m in Dublin helping Howard with the blog. With 198 players spread among the five floors of this old building my work today involves running up and down the many flights of stairs, checking player’s chip counts, taking photos, and chatting to anyone who has a story to tell. It’s very different from my usual role answering emails, and a lot harder on the feet. In the office I don’t regret wearing high heels.

With so many players still in the game I spot anyone who stands out from the crowd and with what appears to be just five female players left in the tournament I’ve decided to follow the ladies’ progess. You can’t really accuse this of being sexist as I’m a lady too.

Xuyen “Bad Girl” Pham

Xuyen “Bad Girl” Pham has 35,000 and must be one of the chip-leaders at this stage.

Isabelle Mercier

Isabelle Mercier, representing Team PokerStars, has 20,000 and is in very good shape. Yes I know you guys are thinking Isabelle is always in ‘good shape’ whether she has chips or not.

Natasha Ellis

Natasha Ellis, another PokerStars player, has only 6000 chips, but also a determined look in her eye, and Cecilia Nordenstam is the other girly in the game, and has around 12,000 chips.

Cecilia Nordenstam’s back

I’ve also noticed Ray Coburn, a PokerStars FPP qualifier. No Ray is quite clearly not a girl’s name and I hope he doesn’t mind me mentioning him here, but Ray also stands out from the crowd. Ray has bright green hair, and 20,000 chips surrounded by his many candy wrappers.

Ray Coburn

If you can’t wear a dress when you play poker and you want to get a blogger’s attention I’d recommend you get yourself some hair dye. Unless you prefer to get a big stack of chips, and just let your poker do the talking.

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