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If you listen closely, you can almost still hear the echo of people saying, “Who is this kid?”

In the days before EPT San Remo’s Season 4 main event in five years ago, there weren’t a great many people who knew the name Jason Mercier.

“Mercier?” poker people were heard to say. “Like Isabelle Mercier?”

“No, it’s said Mercy-er.”

“So, he’s not French.”

“Isabelle isn’t French. She’s Canadian.”

“Jason Mercy-eh is Canadian?”

“No, he’s American. And it’s Mercy-er.”



Do you recognize this man?

I bring it up because 1) Now there isn’t a soul in poker who doesn’t know Jason Mercier and 2) He played one of the best televised PokerStars hands in history.

If you missed the announcement yesterday, PokerStars is running a fun promotion as part of the Road to 100 Billion celebration. Over on PokerStars’ YouTube channel, you can vote for the Greatest Poker Hand.

Among the videos for which you can vote is the one I’ve posted below. It’s Mercier before many people knew who he was. Some people could argue that this is the hand that made everybody say, “Yeah, Jason Mercier. He and I go way back. I knew who he was before played this hand.”

Put another way, this is the hand that Mercier used to to get people to stand up and take notice.

Like that? I thought you might.

If you’d a chance to vote for that hand or another as Greatest Poker Hand, head on over to the PokerStars’ YouTube channel.

And remember…it’s Mercy-er.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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