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Poker geniuses like Dan Smith and Christoph Vogelsang will tell you that when you choose to pull your prize envelopes in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) Mystery Bounty tournament is insignificant.

“It really doesn’t matter,” Vogelsang convinced us earlier this year. “It’s pure logic.”

“The EV stays the same,” echoed Smith.

And they’re right.

But try telling that to the enormous queue of players who lined up for their turn at the bounty box at the very first opportunity they had.


On a break from the $3K PCA Mystery Bounty–the first during which players could trade in their KO tickets for prizes–the line snaked at least fifty deep, full of familiar faces.

Talbot had to settle for $1K envelopes

Talbot had to settle for $1K envelopes

For a while, it was like kids waiting patiently to get in a candy store, only to find the store only sells the one candy they don’t like. Parker “Tonkaaaa” Talbot, Chris Moorman, Jonathan Proudfoot and Antoine Saout….all pulled $1K envelopes and–as they were guaranteed at least that anyway–none were thrilled.

Then Chance Kornuth and former NFL star Richard Seymour stepped up. “I’m gonna have to go bust more people,” said the former, as both left with the minimum.

Richard Seymour pulled two $1Ks

Richard Seymour pulled two $1Ks

Adrian Mateos, Dario Sammartino, David Peters, Martin Jacobson, Shaun Deeb, Cliff Josephy, Joseph Cheong, Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger, Ethan “Rampage” Yau…every ticket became a $1,000 credit note.

Eventually, Mike Jozoff–who we spoke to earlier this week–had his moment in the sun.


Jozoff’s Bahamas adventure got off to an incredible start when he won his PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) Main Event seat in a satellite on his first attempt, then won an online tournament for several thousand while getting a haircut.

For a while there, he was undefeated at the PCA.

We’re not sure how his trip has been since speaking to us, but it’s safe to say he’s back to his winning ways.

Jozoff had one PCA Mystery Bounty envelope to pull. And he made it count.

Platinum Pass Mystery Bounty

Jozoff’s Bahamas trip gets better and better

“I’m a sun runner, what can I say!” Jozoff told us after posing for the cameras.

As he explained earlier this week, Jozoff was always planning to play the PSPC, Platinum Pass or no Platinum Pass. Nevertheless, he was thrilled with the free entry.

“It feels so good,” he said. “I was overwhelmingly likely to pull a $1K. There are 356 of those, and not many of the other things!”

It’s hard to believe based on what we’ve seen here at the Baha Mar, but Jozoff claims that historically he’s not had much luck when it comes to pulling bounties in other Mystery Bounty events he’s played, always leaving with the smallest available prize.

But this one makes up for it.

“I mean, it more than makes up for it!” he said. “I’m officially a sun runner.”

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