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Here you’ll find PokerStars release notes for the latest software update (as of Friday 22 January).

Aurora’s Performance

  • The Aurora graphic setting (Settings > Table Appearance > Animation > Aurora Graphics Quality) is now controlling the frame refreshing rate. This should drastically improve performances for most players if you’re using Aurora at a lower setting. Players using the lowest settings will see animation’s frame rate drop. The medium and high settings are providing a smoother visual experience.
  • Several fixes and changes should also improve the overall performance issues noticed by some players, for any settings.

Cash games

  • Early Birds tables are now more visible than before as they are highlighted in green in the lobby.

UX/UI improvements

  • Increased transparency of the player’s pod by 50% for players that folded their cards during a hand. This will make it easier to see when a player has mucked their hand.
  • Reduced the sound level for two sound events when the table is not in focus: Attention and Time Bank warning.
  • Added a checkmark to indicate selection of the label in the Notes section.
  • Display different colors for the Play Button in the upper left corner menu depending on the player’s state at the table (active in all tables, sitting out in one table, sitting out in all tables).
  • Removed the following options from the desktop client: ‘Hide Hole Cards’, ‘Show Large Opponent Cards’ and ‘Show Full Hole Cards (Hold’em Only)’as those settings were obsolete with Aurora.
  • There’s now a larger font size of the content in the notes tooltip, which allows players to view and interact with them in different screen and table sizes.
  • The display of player flags had previously been removed in Southern Europe more than a year ago. Following feedback it was clear players wanted them back. So now they are back in .FR and .ES.
  • Updated Spin & Go lobby visuals
  • Implementation of several table themes for coming series, including a new look Sunday Million. Players have given us feedback that unique table themes are appreciated, in particular for tournament series and signature events. With this release we have updated the table theme for the Sunday Million and for some upcoming series.
  • Several UI improvements across all platforms

Please note: PokerStars operates many clients in different countries and on different devices. These updates are only available in versions 36551 and above. you can check which version you’re operating by going to “Help > About PokerStars > Client Version: Pokerstars 7 (Build: shown here)

Players will notice these changes taking effect already. But what would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below.


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