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by Nick Wealthall, UKIPT Tour Host

I’m in Killarney for the latest UKIPT, and as I write this I’m hosting….live…at any point I may have to break off and be nice to a poker player so apologies if this gets interrupted.

The event’s been a big success which is a relief as scheduling any event against the World Series of Poker – especially with a 1k buy in – is a risk. But with 250+ runners and a €250,000 prize pool it’s been an exciting tourney so far.

Of course the whole world now knows how vibrant and what a high standard UK poker has reached as the UK players are busy murdering the WSOP. Their hit rate compared to the amount of players in the field has been astonishing and obviously there’s some run good involved but they’re all top players. Special kudos to Praz Bansi and Rich Ashby – gods among men!

I’m off to Vegas in four sleeps which hasn’t sunk in yet as I’ve been running round trying to get work done and life sorted. However, when I’m on my way to Gatwick I’ll get that special pre Christmas feeling…

By the way, why have people started saying ‘the proof is in the pudding’ rather than the proof of the pudding is in the eating?


Praz Bansi: tearing up Vegas

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