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Adrienne “talonchick” Rowsome came to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure to play the Canada Cup final table. When that didn’t work out as well as she hoped, she moved on to the first side event she planned to play, a $1,000 Omaha-8 and Stud-8 combination. Though she’s an Omaha-8 specialist who didn’t play much Stud-8, Rowsome took it down.

Here were the final results to the event she won last night.

1. Adrienne Rowsome, Canada, PokerStars Team Online, $10,900
2. Iversen Torstein, Norway, $7,280
3. Allyn Shulman, USA, $3,640
4 Septimiu Popescu, Canada, $2,430

After giving Rowsome a chance to celebrate, the PokerStars Blog tracked her down today in between her swim with the dolphins and her massage appointment. Here’s what she had to say about last night’s win.


What did you do to celebrate your win last night

Adrienne Rowsome: We went out to Platos (a fancy Atlantis bar) to have some drinks with Team Online, posted to Facebook, and planned a day off for today. So, we did the dolphins and are going to the spa. I am getting the four-hand massage. Ryan (Rowsome’s boyfriend) is getting a seaweed massage, we are both getting mani-pedis.

So…when you won the Canada Cup seat, how important was that to you since you hadn’t been to PCA before?

AR: It was incredible, I had really wanted to go to the PCA in 2011, but didn’t make it because it ended up being too last minute and the satellites didn’t pan out. So, I promised myself that I would go to PCA 2012. We have to submit vacation requests for an entire year in April, so last April I booked these two weeks in January off. The Canada Cup was a super bonus, and obviously appealed to me on so many levels.

So, you come here, don’t do as well as you hoped in Canada Cup. How did you mentally recover?

AR: I was disappointed for sure, but really, it didn’t take long to snap out of it because I got to go outside and be in the Bahamas still. We had a couple great meetings with all the Canada Cup finalists before the final table, and it wasn’t hard to be sincere in wishing them well, even after I busted.

It is the nature of tournaments, though, that you must win in some pretty marginal situations if you are going to be the victor, and unfortunately I was on the wrong side of a situation.

And so you decide to play a side event. I know you had to make a choice between the one you won and the 8-game…how did that play out?

AR: I had actually planned to play five side events: the one I won, the PokerStars 8-game championship, the ladies event, Paradise Pick’Em, and the last one, the $300 turbo main event. I planned to play them all, but was willing to adapt to “tragic” circumstances like not being able to make it for one of them! I did really want to play the 8-game, but I guess I will have to wait for WSOP to hone my skills in some of the other games.

Back to last night. When was the last time you got heads up in a live event?

AR: (Laughs) Never in an international-style event, or something on this big of a stage. The last tournaments I have won live were local Sunday tournaments in Edmonton, and it has probably been three or four years. I couldn’t believe how calm I felt.

Describe the feeling when it was finally over.

I was totally focused and settled, right until we got all-in and I was ahead. He had three streets to draw to make a low and didn’t get there.

And then you won. Describe that feeling.

AR: It was such a rush to realize that not only had I won a PCA side event, but that I had beaten a really exceptional field, including two Team Pros, one other Team Online player and one other lady, Allyn Shulman. It was so gratifying, and I am really proud of myself because I have barely played live stud-8, and really barely any online. So, I was trying to watch and pay attention and adapt my game as we went along.

So, finally, now that you have some extra cash in your pocket, what’s next?

AR: Because PokerStars has its bank here, I was able to just win, walk across the hall and deposit it all straight into my PokerStars account. So, while we have celebrated, I don’t have a purse full of cash tempting me to be too frivolous! My immediate future is the spa, then some more video blogging, Nobu with Team Online tonight, the ladies event and the Two Plus Two Players’ Choice event tomorrow. I don’t want to leave here, but I am looking forward to getting home and getting ready for the TCOOP and SCOOP schedules, too

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