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For a little fun today, we’re going to live blog the PokerStars Sunday Million. Over the next eleven hours or so, Carol Kline, Johnny Kampis, Jen Newell, and John Hartness will be on hand to bring you the latest information on the Sunday Million. Have a story for us? E-mail to Here’s the Sunday Warm-Up Live Blog.

2:43am – NFrost_10 takes down the Sunday Million!

After making a deal which left $30,000 on the table, NFrost_10 wasted no time in claiming the chip lead from es_dame. After jockeying for position for a few hands, all the chips went in the middle on a flop of Js-9s-7s. Es_dame showed Jc-4s for top pair with a flush redraw, while NFrost_10 tabled 9d-8s for middle pair with a better redraw. The 2s on the turn sealed the deal for NFrost_10, and the 6h on the river was irrelevant as NFrost_10 picked up a total of $170,900.91 for his Sunday Million Victory. Congratulations to NFrost_10 and all the players who cashed in this week’s Sunday Million!

Check back here soon for the recap of all the final table action.

2:40 am – Let’s Make a Deal!

With chip stacks nearly equal, the two remaining players agreed to an even chop of first and second-place money. With $30k left in the middle for the eventual winner, es_dame and NFrost_10 each claimed $140,900.91 for their tournament. $30,000 is not peanuts, so the players played on.

2:35am – karelli out in 3rd, discussions of a deal break out

NFrost_10 raised preflop, karelli reraised all-in with Ac-7s, and NFrost_10 called with As-Jh.
The board came out 9s-5c-Jd-7h-10d, and it was over for karelli in 3rd place for $84,638.40. Once play got down to heads-up, the tournament was paused while the players discussed a deal.

2:30am – Players on break – es_dame in chip lead with 3 to go

With only three players remaining, es_dame has a significant chip lead, with nearly 40 million in chips. The stacks for the remaining three players are –

es_dame – 39,207,518
NFrost_10 – 25,311,860
karelli – 11,050,622

2:26am – es_dame back in the lead, Duffs#1fan headed home in 4th place

After busting SonnyInMtl in 5th place, es_dame took back over the chip lead and set his sights firmly on first place. His next victim was Duffs#1fan, who got the last of his chips in the middle with the nut flush draw on a board of Js-3h-8s. Duffs#1fan led out at the flop, es_dame rasied, Duffs#1fan moved all in over the top with As-9s, and es_dame called with pocket threes for bottom set. No spade on the turn or river for Duffs#1fan, and he finished in 4th place for a $69,524.40 payday.

2:21am – SonnyInMtl heads home in 5th, es_dame reclaims the chip lead

SonnyInMtl shoved the last of his chips in the middle with Kh-Qc on a flop of 10s-10h-6c. Es_dame made the call with Ks-6s, a nightmare hand for SonnyInMtl. Looking for a king or a queen, SonnyInMtl found only the 5s-7h on the turn and river, and was eliminated in 5th place, good for $54,410.40.

2:17am – lecharentais busted in 6th place

On a short stack for much of the final table, lecharentais moved all-in preflop time with 8h-6h. Karelli called with Kc-10c, and the board came Qs-3s-7d-5c-5d. Karelli’s king kicker was good, and lecharentais was out in 6th place, taking home $39,296.40.

2:14am – The chip lead, they are a’changing.

Duffs#1fan took the chip lead into the final table, but a big elimination by es_dame vaulted him into the chip lead for a few hands. Then NFrost_10 took over the chip lead by moving in over the top of Duffs#1fan’s preflop raises. The top three spots on the leader board stayed close as the players all made their moves at the $185,902.20 first place money.

2:08am – And then there were six – kidkanada99 busted in 7th

On the short stack, kidkanada99 went to the rail in 7th when he tangled with es_dame and Duffs#1fan. Kidkanada99 was all in after calling the big blind, and es_dame completed the small blind with Kd-Jc. Duffs#1fan checked the big blind, and the two chip leaders checked down the board of 10d-3c-4s-10h-2s. Es_dame’s K-J was good, and kidkanada99 was frozen out in 7th place for $26,449.50.

2:04am – hidden1s out in 8th

SonnyInMtl pushed all-in preflop, and hidden1s called. Several players went into their time bank before folding, but it was heads-up to the flop. SonnyInMtl had Ah-Kh, and hidden1s showed Ac-Js. The board came 9c-7h-5c-Ad-6d, and hidden1s was out in 8th for $17,381.10.

1:57am – afiopeneyes2 busted in 9th place

The short stack to start the final table, afiopeneyes2 wasted no time getting the last if his chips in the middle with Kd-Qc. NFrost_10 made the call with Ad-3d, and the board ran out 4s-6d-5s-6h-5d. NFrost_10’s kicker played, and afiopeneyes2 was the first casualty of the final table, finishing in 9h place for $10,579.80. NFrost_10 moved solidly into third place with that hand, closing the gap between himself and the chip leaders.

1:54am – Roolender’s tournament ends and the final table is set

On the final table bubble, es_dame held a slight lead over NFrost_10, but the bubble wasn’t to last long. After just a couple of hands of hand-for-hand play, Roolender all-in with K-Q of clubs versus A-10 of diamonds of Duffs#1fan. The board came 4d-5h-Ah-3c-9c, and it was over for Roolender in 10th place for $7557.00. Duffs#1fan took over the chip lead as the final table began, holding a slim lead over es_dame and NFrost_10.

1:50am – The Final Table draws ever nearer

As the remaining players sniff the final table and the big paydays that await there, the play tightens up with lots of all-in moves preflop, but very few calls. In one hand that bucked the trend, SonnyInMtl doubled through lacharentis with pocket nines against lecharentis’ 7-6. Then all heck broke loose and we went from 12 players down to 10 in the blink of an eye. Or two hands, but some people blink slowly.

First off, VegaNevada moved the last of his chips in the middle with Ac-Qh, running into Duffs#1fan holding pocket Jacks. The Jacks held up, and VegaNevada was done in 12th place, good for a $7,557.00 payday. Then FatHeadMF went all-in with Ks-Jc and met with Ad-Js. The virtual dealer gave them Ac-4s-Qc-6h-9d, and it was all over for FatHeadMF in 11th place.

1:42am – afiopeneyes doubles up

afiopeneyes2 finally pushed 1,871,300 into the middle with As-10c and was called by SonnyInMtl who had pocket queens. The board showed Ks-3s-Ah-Ac-3d, and afiopeneyes2 doubled up. Roolender, who had lost a significant number of chips since moving into second place, doubled through VegaNevada when Roolender’s pocket sixes held up against VegaNevada’s A-Q. No help on the board for VegaNevada, and Roolender moved back into second place behind es_dame.

1:35am – Roolender making a move up the leader board

afiopeneyes2 doubled through es_dame with A-10 versus pocket fives when a 10 came on the flop. The board of 3c-10h-3d-8h-6c didn’t help, and es_dame lost some chips. in a pot of nearly 5 million. While that was happening, Roolender became the second player to cross the 10 million chip mark, moving into second place.

1:29am – fast action after the break

Just after the break, Outfielder71 moved all-in with Ah-Js against the pocket eights of karelli. The board gave nothing to the shorter stack when it came 10d-2s-Kh-Kc-7d. Outfielder71 was forced to accept 15th place and $5,289.90 for it.

Maggie32198 fell just seconds later when Roolender’s pocket Queens held up against maggie32198’s Ad-Qd on a board of Kh-4d-6d-7s-9s. Maggie32198 had to settle for close but no cigar on the final table, finishing in 15th. At almost the same moment, uchi14 headed to the rail in 14th for $5,289.90

1:25am – Slower play but accelerated attempts to catch chip leader

After taking out several players in the last hour, kidkanada99 has moved into second place in the chip counts, within striking distance of es_dame’s big stack.

At the same time, a short-stacked waltby made a stand from early position with pocket fives, and FatHeadMF made the call from the big blind with Ac-9h. The flop of As-Jc-Kd left waltby drawing thin, but the Qh on the turn added a few additional outs to a chop. The 7c on the river wasn’t one of them, and waltby was eliminated in 16th place for $3,778,50.

With the next money jump of just over $1,500 kicking in, play slowed a bit and players went on a 5-minute break.

1:15am – Commanding chip lead held by es_dame with over 10 million in chips

With two tables remaining, it was clearly es_dame in the lead, but NFrost_10 and VegaNevada were both making a serious attempt to catch up.

Speaking of chip leaders, the chip leader coming into this level is the first casualty of these final two tables. Moving all-in on a steal attempt with Ks-3s preflop. Kidkanada99 limped in with pocket sixes and called ahhhhhsht’s raise. The board ran out Qh-4d-3c-7d-4s, and kidkanada99 moved one step closer to the final table, while ahhhhhsht took 18th place and a $3,778.50 cash.

es_dame was not to be outdone in the elimination game, taking out laafii just seconds later. laafii moved all-in from the big blind with pocket threes after es_dame raised from the button. es_dame quickly called with Ad-Js and hit an ace on the flop to send laafii home in 17th place with $3,778.50.

12:55am – Final 23 players trying to catch es_dame

One player who will no longer be in that hunt is panchita69, who moved all-in over the top of northerngent’s preflop raise with Ac-Jd, only to find SonnyInMtl holding pocket aces in the small blind. Nothing unexpected happened, and panchita69 was done in 23rd for a $3,022.80 prize.

The next to fall in a flurry of bustouts was puffinmypurp when he moved all-in over the top of afiopeneyes2 with Qh-9h. afiopeneyes2 tabled pocket sevens, and the board ran out 8s-2h-Ks-6d-3c. puffinmypurp was done in 22nd place.

Nuscas left the party next when he and kidkanada99 tangled for a final time. Nuscas open-shoved preflop with pocket sixes, and kidkanada99 made the call with Ac-Qh. The ace on the flop made things tough on Nuscas, and the running broadway cards made a straight for kidkanada99 and left Nuscas out in 21st.

northerngent was next to get in on the action, moving all-in with Ah-Kh and finding himself in a classic race against VegaNevada who held pocket jacks. The flop of 5d-7s-9h was no help to either player, but the Jh on the turn not only gave VegaNevada a set but gave northerngent a flush draw. The 7h on the river was a heart northerngent did not want to see, as it gave him the flush but filled up VegaNevada. northerngent went to the rail in 20th place.

And all the while, chip leader es_dame stays out front, claiming more chips for his growing virtual stacks when his As-Kh held up against pokrjoker78’s Ah-Jd on a board of 5d-Qd-Qs-8h-3h. pokerjoker78’s elimination in 19th sent the remaining players to the final two tables, while pokrjoker78 picked up $3,022.80, just before the next pay jump.

12:40am – Down to 3 tables, final table inches closer

The chip leader of only a few minutes ago, ahhhhhsht took a hit in a pot with karelli when pocket deuces lost a coinflip to karelli’s Kc-Js.

Aceupmyslv7 went to the rail in 27th place when VegaNevada had not only an Ace but a six up his sleeve. All the money went in on the 2h-3s-6s flop and Aceupmyslv7’s 5c-7d couldn’t catch the four for the straight as VegaNevada had top pair, top kicker and improved to two pair on the river. Aceupmyslv7 picked up $3,022.80 for his finish.

Next to fall was highfloor33, who was the micro-stack as the hand began and whose 10s-6s was no good against NFrost_10’s Ac-3s. After picking up a pair of sixes on the turn, it was NFrost_10 who made top pair and kept it to win the hand. highfloor33 finished in 26th place.

On table 430, es_dame continued the run and broke the 10 million chip mark, a 6 million chip lead over the nearest competitor.

Raynee headed to the rail in 25th place when his QhQs was cracked by NFrost_10’s pocket eights on a board of 8c-3s-10h-2d-7s. The two-outer sent Raynee to the rail in 25th place.

Shortly thereafter, waltby won a coin flip in decisive fashion when he called IveGotToejam’s all in preflop with pocket tens to IveGotToejam’s Ah-Jh. A ten on the flop and another on the river made for a decisive exit for IveGotToejam, who got $3,022.80 for 24th place. (He can now attend to that toejam problem.)

12:25am – ahhhhhsht returns from break with chip lead

Coming back from break, there has been no shortage of action. A new table for ashhhhhsht, but the chip lead remains his to defend.

TeamSwindler was the first player to go after the break when his As-Qd went all in preflop against Duffs#1fan, who had pocket 9’s. The board came 2c-3s-10s-7s-Jd, and TeamSwindler was eliminated in 35th place.

As play is fast and furious at the last four tables, es_dame moved up the chip ladder when a set of Aces flopped to bust Jesper_H. es_dame now sits in second place behind ahhhhhsht.

12:11am–Roolender ruling Table 2

Roolender eliminated another player at Table 2 after flopping trips with As-6s against the Ah-7h of Bjolle. After collecting 1.38 million from the pot, Roolender climbed to second on the leaderboard.

12:05am–His game is not in the crapper

Ahhhhhsht has flushed away several opponents at his table and is now our chipleader with 4.88 million. Forty-five players remain.

11:55pm–Roolender eliminates one player and cripples another

Action at Table 2 seems to have been fast and furious of late. The following three players were all-in pre-flop in this hand (chip counts are after blinds and antes): Sumpas (738,289 in chips), Roolender (1,039,722 in chips) and HitUR2outer (1,400,597 in chips). Roolender’s Ah-Qd was behind HitUR2outer’s Ad-Kh pre-flop, but both Roolender and Sumpas flopped a queen. Roolener’s ace kicker was better than Sumpas’ 9 kicker, and Roolender took down the 2.3 million chip pot. Sumpas was eliminated on the hand, and HitUR2outer dropped to 361K.

11:51pm–Who will we make jokes about now?

G Depardieu’s run has sadly ended. Grinded down to 367K, G Depardieu pushed all in with A-7, but ran into A-J. He finished in 59th place.

11:48pm–900K three-way pot won with nut no pair

SnowwwMan, who was sitting toward the top of the leaderboard with 2.4 million in chips, raised to 158K. Otto Doctor re-raised to 343K all-in, drifto88 called the all-in for less and SnowwwMan called as well. It was Ad-Qh for Otto Doctor, As-Jh for SnowwwMan and Ac-8c for drifto88. The board ran out 7h-9s-5c-7c-Kd, and Otto Doctor’s nut no pair was best.

11:34pm–Manine in top three

Manine moved up the charts by winning a more than 2 million pot against former top ten chipholder CONI2AD. Manine’s jacks held up against the A-K of his opponent and Manine now has 2.35 million in chips.

11:32pm–HitUR2outer hits two big pots in a row; misses third

In the first hand, HitUR2outer’s Ks-Qs was up against the Ad-Qc of crazy_teeth after HitUR2outer open shoved pre-flop. The flop was Kd-4s-As, giving HitUR2outer second pair and the nut flush draw. The 3h on the turn was no help, but the 3s on the river gave HitUR2outer the winning hand and the million chip pot.

Then, HitUR2outer raised to 100,771 pre-flop. GARFIELD25 raised to 921,034 all-in and HitUR2outer called. GARFIELD25 needed significant help, as his Ad-Jc was against HitUR2outer’s As-Qh. Neither player improved, and HitUR2outer skyrocketed to 2.6 million in chips.

A few hands later, HitUR2outer got it all-in pre-flop against Roolender. HitUR2outer’s 7h-7c was behind the Td-Tc of Roolender. The board ran out 6c-4s-4h-4d-5s, and HitUR2outer dropped back down to 834K.

11:24pm–Roolender finds another snowman

After getting it all-in pre-flop against WufflerL, Roolender found himself behind with Ac-8s against Kd-Kh. The flop was 7h-6d-8d, putting WufflerL in good position to double up, but the river 8c sent WufflerL to the rail. Roolender moved into the top ten on the leaderboard with 1.4 million in chips.

11:21pm–Pokrjokr78 takes chip lead

Pokrjokr78 is now up to 2.1 million after his pocket jacks held up against Skintz’s pocket tens.

11:20pm–Another pay jump

With only 88 players remaining, each is guaranteed at least $2,115.96 for his or her efforts.

11:10pm–Top ten chip leaders after the sixth hour; 98 players remain

Level 25
Blinds 20,000/40,000, antes 4,000
Average chip count: 771,122
Players remaining: 98
First Prize: $185,902.20

1. G Depardieu 2,079,393
2. Sumpas 1,929,720
3. puffinmypurp 1,867,042
4. CONI2AD 1,768,249
5. Songuku 1,740,844
6. oscartotti 1,734,434
7. mesc4u 1,645,016
8. uchi14 1,560,710
9. pokrjokr78 1,534,466
10. juliotexas1 1,497,480

11:04pm–Kevin “BeLOWaBOVe” Saul eliminated

Saul couldn’t win a coin flip and is gone from the Sunday Million. Rasmus73 raised to 75,000 and Saul pushed the rest of his 237,500 into the pot. Rasmus73 called and it was his Ad-Ks versus Saul’s Jh-Jd. The board came 7d-4h-Kh-Ac-8s and Saul finished in 123rd place.

10:58pm–And the Academy Award goes to…

We have a new chipleader and his screename is G Depardieu. In a key hand several players limped. After a flop of 2h-Jc-Qd, G Depardieu bet 55K and bukithepro raised to 461K after others got out of the way. G Depardieu called and showed Tc-9s for the open-ended straight draw while bukithepro showed 2s-2d for a set of deuces. Luck was on G Depardieu’s side when he hit the Ks on the turn. The river did not pair the board and G Depardieu was up to 2 million in chips.

10:45pm–Don’t count out Cyrano

After being on life support recently, G Depardieu is back in the top 10 in chips with 1.16 million.

10:41pm–SonnyInMtl rides tens to chip lead

In a pivotal hand, SonnyInMtl raised to 40K and former chipleader Frytki re-raised to 111K. SonnyInMtl called. The flop came 6h-6s-8s and SonnyInMtl led out for 140K. Frytki raised to 460K and SonnyInMtl pushed all in for 193K more. After Frytki called his hand was revealed to be Kh-As while SonnyInMtl was ahead with Td-Th. The turn was the 7h and the river wasTs making a full house for SonnyInMtl, who was up to 1.8 million after the hand. Frytki dropped to 494K.

10:40pm–Bigpulp pummeling the table

Bigpulp has crept into second place on the leaderboard after winning two big pots in short succession. In the first hand, Bigpulp rivered Broadway against the flopped top pair top kicker of GRINDER-HFX for an 852K pot. Three hands later, Bigpulp took down a 387K pot when he re-raised patricklaw after a flop of Ah-2c-8d.

10:23pm–Songuku and asher tangle in two pots

After calling Songuku’s pre-flop raise to 45K, asher check-called another 45K after the flop brought 6h-Tc-8c. After the Th on the turn, asher check-raised Songuku’s 75K bet to 150K. Songuku made the call. Both players checked after the Qc fell on the river. Asher showed 2c-2h, and Songuku mucked. After starting the level with 1.1 million in chips, Songuku dropped to 725K.

Two hands later, Songuku took down a 464K pot against asher. Both asher and mass.mike called the 45K pre-flop raise from Songuku. The flop was 6c-6d-2h. Songuku bet 60K, asher called and mass.mike folded. Both players checked the turn (8d). Songuku fired another 90K on the river (4s) and asher called again. Songuku showed Qh-Qs and asher mucked. Songuku got back to 990K after the hand.

10:19pm–Kevin “BeLOWaBOVe” Saul moving up the leaderboard

Saul is making nice progress as the tournament winds down below 215 players. In one hand, bapvegas raised to 30K and Saul called on the button. After a flop of Ts-8h-2h bapvegas checked and Saul bet 32,461. Bapvegas check-raised to 90K and Saul pushed. Bapvegas folded and Saul is up to 743K.

10:11pm–Top ten chip leaders after the fifth hour; 245 players remain

1. Frytki 1,488,020
2. Songuku 1,129,381
3. poquer1 1,055,001
4. tassen1 847,095
5. uchi14 846,877
6. chekdstak 778,874
7. superbeuk 736,157
8. Duffs#1fan 724,624
9. kipa58 698,780
10. waltby 674,288

10:08pm–Frytki takes big chip lead

Two chipleaders just tangled and Frytki came out the beneficiary of the exchange. In the hand Frytki raised to 28K and Don Laeso re-raised to 48K. Frytki called. After a flop of 9d-Jc-3s, Frytki bet 60K and Don Laeso raised the minimum. Frytki then re-raised to 288K and Don Laeso called. The turn was the 5h and Frytki led for 215K, which caused Don Laeso to tank and fold. After the hand Frytki was up to 1.43 million in chips and Don Laeso dropped to 485K.

10:02pm–Duffs#1fan is not oscartotti

After flirting with the million chip mark, oscartotti suffered a minor set-back when his 9c-9d was bested by the Jc-8d of Duffs#1fan. Oscartotti raised pre-flop to 36K, Duffs#1fan re-raised to 90K and oscartotti called. Duffs#1fan pushed all-in on a flop of 3c-5c-8c. Oscartotti’s pair of 9s was best, but Duffs#1fan had a better flush draw. The 2c came on the turn, giving Duffs#1fan the J-high flush and the 725K pot. Oscartotti dropped to 633K in chips after the hand.

9:51pm–First to reach a million

Frykti and poquer1 are the first players to hit the million chip mark. Frykti currently has 1,066,421, and poquer1 has 1,048,401.

9:46pm–Noted online pro on the rise

Kevin “BeLOWaBOVe” Saul is moving up on the field. He just won a nice pot to get to 484K in chips, putting him in the top 30.

9:45pm–Over the four figure mark

We’re now under 325 players, meaning all remaining participants will receive at least $1,057.98.

9:35pm–G Depardieu takes a big loss

G Depardieu lost about a third of his stack to superbeuk when the latter showed Ac-Kh after a board of Qd-Kd-9h-7d-4h and the former mucked. G Depardieu is now down to 600K and superbuek is up to 790K.

9:30pm–Poquer1 makes a stab at Nuscas

At the start of the hand, Nuscas had a top-five chip-stack of 630,227. Poquer1 raised to 16,000 and called Nuscas’ re-raise to 56,000. After the 2s-9d-2h flop, Nuscas bet 144,000 which was enough to put poquer1 all-in. Poquer1 made the call and showed As-9s for top pair top kicker. Nuscas showed Ah-Kh. The turn was the Qh, giving Nuscas a flush draw, but the river bricked out. Nuscas dropped to 483,540 in chips after the hand.

9:19pm–G Depardieu doesn’t need green card to capture chip lead

Our favorite Frenchman just won two big pots to take over the leaderboard. First, he slowplayed a full house to perfection. In that hand, G Depardieu called a raise to double his big blind from compris after powerscr also called. After a flop of 2c-2h-Kc all three players checked. G Depardieu led out for 6K after the 9d hit the turn and both opponents called. The river brought the Ah and G Depardieu led out for 6K again. Compris folded and powerscr raised to 30K. G Depardieu re-raised to 54K, enough to put powerscr all-in. The hands shown were 2d-Ks for G Depardieu and Qs-As for powerscr.

On the second hand, G Depardieu called a re-raise all-in from compris, who held Kc-6c. G Depardieu tabled Ad-9s and the board did not help compris. G Depardieu is now up to 936K.

9:09pm–Kipa58 takes a 100K hit

Just back from the break, kipa58 lost a race with 8-8 when BrandonPL hit an ace on the flop. BrandonPL started the hand with 99,819 in chips and re-raised all-in after kipa58 raised to 18,000 pre-flop. Kipa58 has now dropped out of the top ten on the leaderboard.

9:00pm–Top ten chip leaders after four hours; 579 remain

1. greenrizla 578,641
2. kipa58 571,554
3. G Depardieu 528,117
4. drifto88 500,591
5. _PAVO BARIC_ 491,056
6. toetagU 483,112
7. callmejimmy 473,532
8. Nuscas 433,588
9. Frytki 431,646
10. eatyourstac 423,748

8:59pm–Greenrizla joins the 500K club

Greenrizla raised pre-flop to 13,500 from the hijack position, Cryp2Nite re-raised all in to 35,886 from the small blind and greenrizla made the call. Cryp2Nite’s 5d-5h could not stay ahead of Greenrizla’s Kd-Jh when the flop came 2c-9h-Js. Greenrizla scooped an 81K pot and moved into the chip lead with 578,641.

8:53pm–My hero, the poker player

Could we have a famous actor in our midst? G Depardieu is now second in chips with 538K.

8:45pm–Three players over 500K; 134198 not one of them

The top three in chips now are kipa58 at 541K, drifto88 at 531K and callmejimmy at 508K. 134198 had a rough stretch, including calling an all in with A-8 versus A-A and is down to 290K.

8:32pm–134198 has 546,918

134198 won another big pot when he called a 69K all-in bet from Ut Prosim. Ut Prosim held 8c-Tc and 134198 had Ac-5s. The board ran off Jh-6s-2s-9h-6c and our chipleader now has almost 550K.

8:21pm–The bubble has burst

The bubble recently burst. All remaining players are guaranteed $302.28.

8:20pm–Superbeuk moves into the top three

Superbeuk has joined 134198 and pimplar as the only three players with over 300k in chips. Superbeuk called a 15,000 pre-flop raise from jopieono, and the two players saw a flop of 7c-Kd-Ts. Superbeuk check-raised jopieono to 78,000, which would have put jopieono all in after his initial bet of 15,000. Jopieono folded and superbeuk scooped a 67k pot.

8:18pm–134198 at it again

Perhaps seeking early parole, 134198 has taken a big chip lead after sniffing out a big bluff. On this hand, 134198 raised to 7K and JERRY called. After a flop of Th-Qh-Kh, JERRY check called 12K. Both players checked the turn of Ks, and after the river came Qs JERRY bet all in for 74K. 134198 called and JERRY showed 7d-9h for a stone-cold bluff. 134198 held 6d-Qd for queens full and took down the 190K pot. He now has 484K in chips for a 160K chiplead over pimplar.

8:12pm–134198 wins a big one

Perhaps playing from prison, 134198 wins a big pot with cowboys versus A-10 and A-8 and is now up to 386K.

8:09pm–Eliminations should start slowing down

We are down to 1,150 players, 70 from the money bubble.

8:06pm–134198 moves on up

He hasn’t won many big pots recently, but 134198 has chipped up considerably by aggressive play and has increased his stack from 227,589 at the break to 340,123 now, giving him a nearly 40K chip lead at the moment.

7:57pm– Hols_think sniffs out bluff

Murdoc.73 limped in middle position and called Hols_think’s raise to 7,500. On a flop of 6h-Ad-5s, Hols_think led out for 7,500 after Murdoc.73’s check and called Murdoc.73’s check-raise to 17,500. Both players checked the turn and the river. Hols_think flopped top pair with As-Jc, which bested Murdoc.73’s Qd-Jd. Hols_think finished the hand with 240,979 in chips, which solidifies this player’s position in the top ten.

7:52pm–Top ten chip counts at end of hour number three; 1,338 remain

1. callmejimmy 282,511
2. 134198 227,589
3. Denis1180 225,380
4. afiopeneyes2 224,833
5. HooBangin 218,954
6. kipa58 210,879
7. Hols_think 210,497
8. annekechillo 199,274
9. Mr_BigQueso 195,998
10. Bayesian 194,989

7:46pm– Larry Bird can’t beat King Kong

At least not in poker. Pe-T raised in middle position to 4,999, Isabelle Mercier re-raised all in to 28,050 and Pe-T made the call. It was Ks-Kc for Pe-T against Mercier’s 3h-3d. The board of Tc-Kd-Ac-7s-Jc was of no help for Mercier, and she was eliminated in 1,363th place.

7:44pm–Pimplar down, kipa58 up

Two of the chipleaders just tangled in a big pot. Kipa58 raised it to 6K, BrandonPL called and pimplar re-raised it to 18K. Kipa58 then made it 40K, BrandonPL folded and pimplar called. After a flop of Ts-3s-7d, pimplar checked and kipa58 bet 76K. Pimplar tanked and folded. Pimplay was down to 123K while kips58 moved up to 201K.

7:33pm–1,580 players left

500 more until the money

7:22pm–Annekechillo flops boat and brings opponent along for the ride

SirGutShot raised to 3,125 on the button and annekechillo called from the small blind. Both players checked the 8h-9d-9h flop. After the 7d hit on the turn, annekechillo bet 2,400 and SirGutShot called. The river was the 5d. SirGutShot led out for 6,650 after annekechillo checked, but annekechillo responded by raising to 14,400. SirGutShot called the additional 7,750 and mucked after annekechillo showed 9c-8c for a flopped full house. Annekechillo currently sits atop the leaderboard with 170,640 in chips.

7:19pm–Lee Nelson eliminated

Nelson pushed all in at the wrong time. He posted his big blind of 1,200 and only originator54 called. Nelson put the rest of his 12K in chips in the middle and originator54 called instantly with 8s-8d. Nelson showed Ks-8h. A flop and turn of Qh-7h-Ad-2h made it interesting by giving Nelson a flush draw, but the 5d hit the river and Nelson was eliminated in 1,933rd place.

7:15pm–Now under 2,000 players

7:02pm–William Thorson eliminated

The Team PokerStars Pro was put out in 2,498th place after his A-K ran into K-K all-in preflop and he could not improve.

6:55pm–Steve Paul-Ambrose eliminated

Steve Paul-Ambrose was eliminated in 2,521st place after his A-2 failed to improve against the A-Q of his opponent. Ambrose is still in the hunt in the Sunday Warm-Up with 298,261 in chips. Live blogging coverage of the Sunday Warm-Up can be found here.

6:47pm–Top ten chip counts at end of hour number two; 2,781 remain

1. PiKappRaider 123,296
2. CARP_DIEMM 110,182
3. vikkyG85 109,338
4. Nino773 108,155
5. annekechillo 103,355
6. G-millman 100,378
7. king muscles 100,347
8. IRENE666 99,815
9. strahhh25 97,572
10. soad_live 95,829

6:41pm– William Thorson doubles up twice

Team PokerStars Pro William Thorson has doubled up twice in the last three hands. Sitting on a short stack of 2,136, Thorson pushed all in after a raise to 1,600 from JABRONI-17. Thorson’s Ac-Ad was ahead of the 8c-9c of JABRONI-17, but a flop of 8h-Kh-3s gave JABRONI-17 a bit of help; however, the turn and the river bricked out and Thorson was back to 5k in chips. Two hands later, Thorson called an all-in raise from wheels0271. It was the As-Jc of wheels0271 against Thorson’s Kd-Tc. Thorson hit a ten on the flop and the turn and the river were no help for wheels0271. Thorson had 10,694 in chips after the hand.

6:38pm–Two more Team PokerStars Pros out

Humberto Brenes and Andre Akkari have been eliminated, one right after the other. Akkari finished in 3317th place while Brenes was one spot better in 3316th place.

6:35pm–Less than 3,000 players remain

6:24pm–casa2674 surges toward the top of the leaderboard

Casa2674 has won four of the last six pots at Table 885. The first was a split 62,020 pot where casa2674 flopped the second nut flush draw on a board with two clubs, turned a Broadway draw and rivered Broadway. BrahCheeChoo rivered the same straight. In the next hand, casa2674 raised to 2,400 pre-flop and was called by mr erics21. Casa2674 bet all in on a flop of 9d-8h-7s and mr erics21 folded.

Two hands later, casa2674 defended the big blind after a button raise to 2,400 from ROONEY_DIVES. Again, casa2674 bet all in on a flop of Kh-Qs-2s. ROONEY_DIVES made the call and showed Kc-Js. Casa2674 showed Qd-2c for two pair and eliminated ROONEY_DIVES. Immediately after that elimination, casa2674 was back in action again, holding Kc-Kh against the Qs-Qc of mr erics21. The board did not help mr erics21 and he was eliminated. After this flurry of activity, casa2674 was at 78,574 in chips.

6:20pm–The 100K barrier has been broken

As the field has dwindled to nearly 3,500 players, pokerdream08 became our first player to crack 100K in chips. Pokerdream08 now has 104,409 in chips.

6:16pm–Under 4,000 players

The final table is only minutes away…

5:59pm–No mercy for GS4fun

After doubling through GS4fun a few hands earlier, Isabelle Mercier tangled with GS4fun again. Mercier called GS4fun’s pre-flop raise to 1,200, and the players saw a board of 8d-4h-Qd. GS4fun bet another 1,200, Mercier raised to 4,000 and GS4fun re-raised all in to 17,325. Mercier made the call with Ah-Qc. GS4fun’s Kh-Ks was ahead on the flop, but the Ac on the turn gave Mercier two pair. GS4fun could not hit a king on the river to survive. Mercier now sits at 39,375.

5:58pm–Lee Nelson takes a hit

Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson just lost about 40 percent of his chips. After sneekwater raised to 1,800, Nelson re-raised to 4,200. Sneekwater called and the two saw a flop of Ad-9s-6s. Nelson pushed and sneekwater called all in for 6,500 with Ah-Qh while Nelson showed Jc-Jh. The turn and river were bricks and Nelson was down to 17K.

5:54pm–Third of field gone

We’re now under 5,000 players. Just a few more hours until the final table…

5:45pm–Mercier outraces GS4fun to double up

After a raise to 1,200 from GS4fun, Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle Mercier re-raised to 4,000. GS4fun re-raised all in to 20,250, which had Mercier covered. Mercier made the call with As-Kd and was racing against GS4fun’s Qc-Qd. On a board of 8d-Ad-7c-Js-7d, Mercier survived elimination and chipped up to 18,800.

5:41pm–Top ten chip counts at end of hour number one; 5,688 remain

1. Lystig 57,350
2. deboneman 56,587
3. quote123 56,500
4. bfrusina 52,975
5. packpower04 52,105
6. strahhh25 50,300
7. ADDENDA 46,600
8. VARICO 46,165
9. pokerdream08 46,000
10. krazy28 44,712

5:34pm–Queens hold for Akkari again

Pocket queens have netted Andre Akkari another large pot. Pre-flop, porzerjr raised to 1,200 and Akkari re-raised to 3,300. Porzerjr made the call. On a flop of 7c-8c-5c, porzerjr bet all in for 3,775 and Akkari called. Porzerjr showed Ks-Qs to Akkari’s Qc-Qh. The turn and the river were no help for porzerjr, and Akkari chipped up to 21,275.

5:28pm–Victor Ramdin eliminated

Victor Ramdin was felled by an inferior flush. He raised to 900 preflop and was called by rtrtrtr. After a flop of 6d-4c-5c, Ramdin bet another 900. Rtrtrtr raised to 3,000 and Ramdin re-raised all in to 7,000. Ramdin held 3c-6c for a pair, straight draw and a straight flush draw and rtrtrtr held Ac-8c for a better flush draw. The Kc hit the turn, leaving Ramdin with two outs to the straight flush but the Kh hit the river and Ramdin was eliinated in 6,000th place.

5:24pm–Team PokerStars represented

Of the 7,557 players participating today in the Sunday Million, seven of them are Team PokerStars pros. They include Andre Akkari, Humberto Brenes, Isabelle Mercier, Lee Nelson, Steve Paul-Ambrose, Victor Ramdin and William Thorson.

5:21pm–Ramdin’s rollercoaster ride

Short-stacked Victor Ramdin doubled up to 9,350 when he got it all in preflop with Ad-Jc versus Ts-Th and the board ran out Kd-2c-Qh-5c-Ah, but lost most of those chips on the next hand. In the second hand, he held 7d-8d and called two bets on the flop and turn with a board of 5d-4h-7c-Js. When the Tc hit the river, both Ramdin and his opponent, S4ILBO4T, checked. S4ILBO4T showed 7s-Ks and won with his kicker. Ramdin is down to 5,300.

5:08pm–Andre Akkari doubles up

Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari started the hand as a short stack with 3,925. Akkari raised to 600, niclas237 re-raised to 1,500 and Akkari pushed all in. Niclas237 made the call and tabled A-K. Akkari showed Q-Q. Niclas237 did not improve on a board of J-T-9-5-J. Akkari currently has 8,050.

5:04pm–Steve Paul-Ambrose doing double duty

When Steve “stevejpa” Paul-Ambrose started his afternoon, he was playing six single-table tournaments and the Sunday Warm-Up. He’s playing in the Sunday Million right now, but likely more focused on the tournament he started earlier. At this hour, Paul-Ambrose is in the Top 20 in chips of the Warm-Up. To follow his exploits, check out the Sunday Warm-Up Live Blog

4:57pm–Pokrjoker78 is chip leader

Player Pokrjoker78 leads the Sunday Million in the early going with 39,225 chips. He just won a big pot when he made a call of an all-in holding only pocket twos on a rainbow board of T-9-9-5-4. His opponent Jim Bee was bluffing with A-K and Pokrjoker78 took down a nearly 20K chip pot.

4:49pm–More than $185,000 for first

Registration is now closed and there are 7,557 players in today’s Sunday Million, which creates a total prize pool of $1,511,400. Of those players, 1,080 will get paid and first place will receive $185,902.20.

4:42pm–Victor Ramdin takes a big hit

After chipping up to 15K early, Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin took a big hit when his pocket aces were cracked by the flopped set of nines of KM-6. He is down to 5K after the hand.

4:30pm–PokerStars Sunday Million off and running

The PokerStars Sunday Million has just begun with 7,200 players and counting. Registration is still open.

4:25pm–PokerStars Sunday Million about to begin

The PokerStars Sunday Million will begin in just a few minutes. With thousands in the field, the final table money is once again going to be huge. Late registration will be open, so get your seat while you still can.

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