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Slow. Motion. That’s. What. This. Monday. Is.

It’s not only that I had a really long weekend or that I’m out of coffee. It’s that after a week and half of the Turbo Championship of Online Poker, I’m really used to everything moving very, very fast. TCOOP ended last night, and now I feel like everything is moving with the energy and verve of a Morissey song.

If you’re moving as slow as everything else, you might be able to use some handy bullet points to summarize what happened over the last couple of days. Fortunately, bullet points I have:

  • TCOOP closes with a (quick) bang
  • Betudontbet wins TCOOP main event
  • All TCOOP final table reports
  • CharlesTY. becomes January 29 Sunday Million champion
  • Milestone hands making it rain in 75 billionth hand promo
  • JullySL- wins Women’s Sunday, denies lulilla second title
  • Juan Miguel Tomé wins Estrellas Madrid
  • sunday_million_1-29-12.JPG

    1-29-12 Sunday Million final table

    For a full rundown of all the big winners from January’s last weekend, check out our 1-29-12 PokerStars weekend majors results page.

    Now, let’s get ready for February. Anyone have Red Bull?

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