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Vakio¤Ässä never lost the lead at the final table.

Our champion laid low for the first elimination, but then Vakio¤Ässä went on to eliminate everyone else.

In a testament to the Finnish player’s dominance, Vakio¤Ässä had 75 percent of the chips in play with five players left. Vakio¤Ässä comfortably doubled the other players up several times and then took down the tournament in a matter of minutes.

This was Vakio¤Ässä’s first SCOOP title and it came with a $50,729.11 payday. Vakio¤Ässä’s score was the largest slice of the $413,495.65 prize pool that took 16,843 players to create.

While it was a long road to the final table, Vakio¤Ässä scored a swift victory once play got down to the final eight.

The final table


Seat 1: orimen – 11,145,688
Seat 2: 2010flush08 – 23,969,984
Seat 3: Gagarinec1 – 15,576,762
Seat 4: fNx_R – 20,141,988
Seat 5: Kronien – 30,596,535
Seat 6: Vakio¤Ässä – 38,171,317
Seat 7: cuukiemonsta – 22,238,560
Seat 8: sudd3n_AA – 6,589,166

It was the short stack who dealt the first elimination.

Gagarinec1 — who fell to 4.68 million after doubling orimen up to 22.29 million– moved all-in for 5.19 million from under-the-gun and sudd3n_AA re-shoved for 6.14 million from the button.

The blinds folded and Gagarinec1 showed KQ to sudd3n_AA’s AK.

The board ran J2J58 and sudd3n_AA chipped up to 12.83 million while Gagarinec1 won $1,964.10 for finishing 8th.

Finnish domination

Vakio¤Ässä started with a slight lead but went on to amass a giant one after eliminating a few opponents.

With 400,000/800,000 blinds and a 100,000 ante, Vakio¤Ässä raised to 1.6 million from early position and orimen called from the button. fNx_R moved all-in for 17.07 million and only Vakio¤Ässä called.

Vakio¤Ässä: AQ
fNx_R: AK

fNx_R was in the lead and the KQ4 flop kept him there. A 5 came on the turn but then a Q fell on the river to give Vakio¤Ässä trip queens.

fNx_R won $2,894.46 for the 7th place finish while Vakio¤Ässä’s lead grew to 58.37 million.

Vakio¤Ässä then won a few more pots and eliminated another player to close in on the 100 million mark.

Kronien raised to 1.6 million from the button and Vakio¤Ässä moved all-in for 77.37 million from the small blind.
Kronien called all-in and showed QQ to Vakio¤Ässä’s K10.

This was Vakio¤Ässä’s tournament though and our champion flopped a straight. Kronien still had hopes of a full house with a set of queens, but the 3 and 6 completed the board to end the Brazilian player’s tournament.

Kronien finished 6th and won $4,134.95 while Vakio¤Ässä’s lead grew to 98.11 million.

Vakio¤Ässä then chipped up to 125 million before hitting a small speed bump.

Double bumps

With 125 million, Vakio¤Ässä had approximately 75 percent of the chips in play.

But before Vakio¤Ässä could claim the title, the Finnish player doubled up the short stacks several times.

There were five double ups –all courtesy of Vakio¤Ässä– before there was another elimination.

In the first one, 2010flush08’s A7 held up against Vakio¤Ässä’s QJ. 2010flush08 doubled to 11.89 million while Vakio¤Ässä dipped to 120.89 million.

Then orimen doubled up two times in a row.

First, orimen moved all-in for 7 million from the button with K3 and Vakio¤Ässä called with Q10. The board ran 87A23 and orimen doubled to 15.25 million.

The following hand, orimen moved all-in again and Vakio¤Ässä called from the small blind. This time, both players had considerably better hands.

Vakio¤Ässä showed 1010 while orimen tabled KK. orimen doubled to 31.90 million and then sudd3n_AA doubled up as well.

Blinds were 500K/1M with a 125K ante and Vakio¤Ässä raised to 2 million from under-the-gun.

sudd3n_AA moved all-in for 5.12 million and Vakio¤Ässä called.

Vakio¤Ässä showed 93 while sudd3n_AA had KJ.

The 10AAJQ board gave sudd3n_AA a straight and a double to 12.36 million.

2010flush08 then got a final double to 17.4 million with A2 versus Vakio¤Ässä’s KQ.

The doubles ended there.

Finnish them

After all the double ups and a few small pots, Vakio¤Ässä brought the tournament down to two players in four hands.

Vakio¤Ässä raised to 2.4 million from the button and sudd3n_AA moved all-in for 7.51 million from the big blind. Vakio¤Ässä called with 105 and sudd3n_AA was in the lead with AJ.

The 985Q9 board paired Vakio¤Ässä’s five and sudd3n_AA won $10,130.64 for finishing 5th.

Vakio¤Ässä took down the blinds the following hand and eliminated another player after that.

2010flush08 moved all-in for 13.90 million from the small blind and Vakio¤Ässä called from the big.

2010flush08: AQ
Vakio¤Ässä: 99

Vakio¤Ässä hit a set on the 971044 board and the tournament shrunk again. 2010flush08’s 4th place finish was worth $18,400.55 and Vakio¤Ässä’s stack was at a record high.

It grew again the following hand.

Vakio¤Ässä raised to 2.4 million from the button and cuukiemonsta moved all-in for 17.12 million from the small blind. Vakio¤Ässä called and we had another showdown. cuukiemonsta showed KJ and was up against Vakio¤Ässä’s A4.

Vakio¤Ässä hit an ace on the river of a 101096A board and cuukiemonsta hit the rail.

cuukiemonsta won $26,670.46 for finishing 3rd while the tournament went heads up.

Heads up

Vakio¤Ässä – 147,514,432
orimen – 20,915,568

orimen moved all-in on the first hand and Vakio¤Ässä called. orimen showed J10 while Vakio¤Ässä had a dominating K10.

There was still another small bump on the road to victory as orimen hit a jack on the flop and doubled up to 41.83 million.

Vakio¤Ässä won the blinds the next three hands and won the tournament on the fourth.

orimen moved all-in for 38.23 million and Vakio¤Ässä called.

orimen: 55
Vakio¤Ässä: A8

The 106J106 board counterfeited orimen’s fives and Vakio¤Ässä took down the pot.

orimen won $34,940.38 for the 2nd place finish while Vakio¤Ässä took the title and $50,729.11.

SCOOP 44-L: $27 NLHE 8-Max
Entrants: 16,843
Prize pool: $413,495.65
Places paid: 2,200

1. Vakio¤Ässä (Finland) $50,729.11
2. orimen (Latvia) $34,940.38
3. cuukiemonsta (Canada) $26,670.46
4. 2010flush08 (United Kingdom) $18,400.55
5. sudd3n_AA (Slovakia) $10,130.64
6. Kronien (Brazil) $4,134.95
7. fNx_R (Ukraine) $2,894.46
8. Gagarinec1 (Russia) $1,964.10

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