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The Twitch Poker Tribune is a weekly blog bringing you the latest news and best clips of the week from the world of Twitch poker, as well as shining a light on streamers you should check out.

Dare2Stream contestant special!

If you were unlucky enough to have your head buried in the sand over the past couple of weeks, let us fill you in on a little* competition PokerStars is currently running.

*It’s not little at all. In fact, it’s pretty huge.

Dare2Stream is a competition for new and aspiring Twitch streamers which kicked off on October 23 and runs until December 12, 2021. The winner will be given a one-year PokerStars Ambassador contract, meaning they’ll join the likes of Lex Veldhuis, Spraggy, Fintan Hand, and Parker Talbot with their very own red spade.

Find out all the Dare2Stream info–including how to enter–here.

It came as no surprise that there was a lot of excitement surrounding Dare2Stream. But what has taken us aback is the massive amount of entries we’ve had so far. Hundreds of streamers have entered, many beginning their Twitch journies thanks to Dare2Stream.

If you’ve not yet signed up for the PokerStars Discord, you might have missed the introductions made by the entrants. That’s why we’re going to introduce some of them to you right here, right now.

Make sure you give them a follow and support them as they Dare2Stream!

The contestants featured in this article were selected at random and have not been chosen as frontrunners. If your Twitch channel wasn’t featured this week, don’t worry! We’ll be introducing more Dare2Stream contestants over the coming weeks.

Meet some of the Dare2Stream contestants


Watch on Twitch:

“Hey! I’m Emily (Wollstone92 online). I’m a 26-year-old History Teacher from England. I got into poker when I was 18 from watching the late-night EPTs with my dad and I started playing online properly about two years ago. I’m still getting my head around the technical side of [streaming] but it’s so much fun! I hope none of my students come across my channel!

“I’m really looking forward to developing as a streamer and getting to know more about this community – there’s already been so much helpful advice!”


Watch on Twitch:

“Hi Everyone, my name is Francis and I am from Ottawa, Canada. Even though I have a disability I always aim to break down barriers and let my personality shine through instead of my disability. I’m 34 and I love the game of poker.nI really like streaming for the community aspect. I go by “Frank7278” on the tables. Come say hi!”


Watch on Twitch:

“Hi all, I’m Daniele Feitosa, better known as “Danifeit” on Twitch and Pokerstars. I’ve been playing poker for three years and I’ve been live streaming for two years on Twitch. One of my biggest dreams is to represent PokerStars and I am happy to have this opportunity to participate in this competition.

“I live in Brazil in the state of São Paulo. I’m a civil engineer but I switched this profession to play poker and study. I play Texas Holde’m and I was Brazilian champion in the Ladies Event of the BSOP (Brazilian Series of Poker). Good luck to everyone in the contest!”


Watch on Twitch:

“For the people that don’t know me, I have been playing poker for over 10 years and specialise in cash games. I’ve played high stakes for several years and currently play $5/$10 – $25/$50, with a Twitch stream and YouTube highlights. The main goal with my stream is to make poker fun again! if you come to my stream you will learn a lot about cash games while at the same time being entertained. Come join me for TheWakko show!”


Watch on Twitch:

“Hello everyone! I’m croaks, I’m 27 years old, and I’m from Germany. I’ve been around Twitch poker for the longest time, pretty much since the start! I think by now I know a lot of people around the community, and many know who I am as well, mostly from Lex’s stream but also many other channels! I try to hang out a lot and in as many places as I can.

“I love seeing so many new faces in the directory and the PokerStars Discord. I mostly play Grand Tour, but dabble into other games off-stream from time to time! Let’s all have a nice couple of weeks and help each other build the channels and the poker community! Good Luck everyone!”


Watch on Twitch:

“Hello everyone, I’m Niclas, also known as “flushiisback” /”F.I.B.”/”flushi” or simply “flush”. I’m 28 years of age, born and raised in Cologne, Germany. I got into streaming three months ago but I’ve been playing poker for about 10 years.

“I want to show what is possible with a strong mindset and a lot of effort put into poker on and off the tables and put a spotlight on healthy habits and bankroll management. The person who supports me the most on this journey is my boyfriend Timo, who is always there for me. I am open about being gay on stream to hope to be a voice for the LGBTQIA+ community. My stream is a safe place for everyone, no matter who you are!”


Watch on Twitch:

“Hi there! You can call me Ray. I’m 26 from Canada. I took part in the Dare to Stream challenge two years ago and had a great time. I’ve watched plenty of poker on Twitch and look forward to streaming in the directory as part of the Dare2Stream Team. I plan on streaming on Thursdays and Fridays at 2pm EST.

“Good luck to everyone! It takes tremendous courage to be live in front of a mic and camera and you’re all doing great. See you at the tables and in your chats!”

Erik Von Lovegun

Watch on Twitch:

“Hey Everyone! My name is Craig (streaming as Erik Von Lovegun) and I’ve been playing poker more seriously over the last year after a serious injury stopped me from carrying on being a professional wrestler (I tore my pec clean off!).

“I’m looking forward to getting involved with Dare2Stream and working with you all on getting better at poker and streaming.”


Watch on Twitch:

“Hello everyone! My name is Kevin (aka LinK) and I’m a poker player from Toronto, Canada. I have been playing poker for a long time and decided to start streaming in March of 2021. I hope to see you all soon!”


Watch on Twitch:

“Hello all! My name is Jono and I’ve been playing poker for a number of years. I’m from London in the UK and have a passion for the game of cards, like you all! I’ve wanted to start streaming for the longest time but this competition has put the desire beyond all doubt!

“I play a mixture of mid-high stakes poker online with chill vibes, game analysis and a bit of a giggle! Looking forward to meeting new people, going on the journey and seeing everyone else flourish! Come tune in!”


Watch on Twitch:

“Hi everyone, my name is Lewis and I’m from the UK. I play on PokerStars as “c4ught” and have played poker for the last 15 years, both online and live. I’m looking forward to catching everyone in their streams. I will mainly be streaming Tuesday/Friday evenings, so come and say hi!”


Watch on Twitch:

“Hey guys, my name is Chris and I’m from BC, Canada. I’m 34 years old, have been married for 12 years, and have four lovely, loud children. I have a business degree from college and am at university right now to get my BA in English.

“I’m one of the twitch OGs and would say I’ve been around possibly longer than most. I’m probably more recognisable in the community as a mod than as a streamer. I’ve modded for Tonkaaaa, the Staples brothers, Kevin Martin, and many others in the past. I’ve been a mid-stakes MTT grinder for over 11 years, it being my sole income source for most of it. I’m really excited about this competition, it has re-kindled my love of streaming and I plan on putting as many hours as I can. There’s so many charismatic, engaging people, so if you are enjoying this competition just be your true self, and that will shine through and you’ll go places in this contest, I’m sure of it. Just remember to have fun!”


Watch on Twitch:

“Hello hello hello! I’m Jake, I’m 26 years old and I’m from the wonderful city of Birmingham in the UK. I’ve wanted to stream for a long ol’ while but never committed but now has to be a perfect time! I only started just over two weeks ago but am already loving it and managed to win the clip of the week.

“If anyone wants to stop by it would be very much appreciated! I like to talk through my hands on the stream but also have a big love of footie and sport in general, geography, cool facts and music so it ain’t all poker chat! Oh, and if you like quizzes you should stop by on Thursdays cause I’ll be doing a quiz at the end of each stream for a bit of fun! I stream Tuesday-Friday from 9:00 to around 17:00 GMT and on Sundays from around 19:30 till deep into the night (if the run good permits!)”


Watch on Twitch:

“Hello Hello! My name is Mike, I’m 25 and live in the UK! Just like many others in this challenge, the Dare2Stream competition has inspired me to give poker streaming a go on Twitch. I’ve been playing poker for around 10 years starting off with friends and watching poker shows that occasionally came on TV!

“I mainly play low stakes NLHE MTT’s but do enjoy an occasional donk on some mixed games formats. I’ve really enjoyed jumping into some streams already and can’t wait to continue getting to know everyone! I hope to see some of you in the future, best of luck to everyone both on and off the felt!”


Watch on Twitch:

“Hi folks, I’m Liam, a.k.a. Hawkogen and I’m mainly going to be punting my roll off on two tables of $25NL ZOOM. I’ve been on a bit of a break but Dare2Stream has given me the kick to get back into the game and pull my thumb out. I’m from Glasgow but I live in England now so I’ve learned to slow my speech down just a tad. I hope you’re all enjoying the event so far!”


Watch on Twitch:

“Hi everyone! My name is Jamie, aka chelevenpoker. I’m from London, UK and have been streaming full time since May of this year. I play mid-stakes MTTs and the occasional big one if I win a seat (I recently cashed in the $5K WCOOP Main Event). Come say hi and follow me on my poker journey!”


Watch on Twitch:

“Hi! My name’s Wattsy and I play micro-stakes cash games. I haven’t been streaming long but I’ve managed to build a lovely crowd of people, so don’t be afraid to talk! I usually stream 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm UK time Monday-Friday.”


Watch on Twitch:

“Hi everyone, I’m Ed_k and I’m 46 years young from the UK. I got into poker watching Late Night Poker back in the day and it’s always been an interest for as long as I can remember. I’ve been a part of the Twitch poker community since the heady days of those legendary JCarver streams in 2014. Since then I’ve managed to pick up the odd mod sword (and lost a few!) along the way.

“I’ve taken part in the two previous streaming competitions and had a lot of fun not only streaming but supporting and meeting new people along the way. I’m planning on having a bit more variety in my streams to complement the poker but above all, it’s about having fun and making the best content that you can. I’ll try my best to check out as many Dare2Stream streams as I can. Enjoy yourselves!”

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