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Here we go – it’s time for the festival the online poker world has been waiting for. The hotly anticipated WCOOP 2022 starts this weekend, and is set to payout a guaranteed $85 million in prizes across the series. The opening day alone is crammed full of highlights and standout events, including the first ever World Championship.

Whether you’re a high roller, or a recreational player taking a stab, let’s kick of WCOOP 2022 in style. Here’s your guide.

Opening day highlights

WCOOP always opens with a bang, but this time the schedule of events is even grander and richer than usual. There are 19 tournaments starting on the first day, with combined guarantees for those totaling an incredible $7.5 million.

Standouts include a special edition Sunday Million and the first High Roller of the series. Event 04 is the most prolific of the opening day, with all three tiers offering huge prize pools:

WCOOP 04-L: $109 Sunday Million, $1M gtd
Satellites: from $5.50

WCOOP 04-M: $1,050 NLHE, $1.25M gtd
Satellites: from $55

WCOOP 04-H: $10,300 High Roller, $850k gtd
Satellites: From $530

The first ever WCOOP World Championship event will also run on the first day, starting at the same time as Event 04 (12:30 ET).

WCOOP: $5,200 World Championship of Progressive KO NLHE, $1M gtd
Satellites: From $215, Phased from $55

The winner of that event will be crowned the World Champion of PKO, and will also walk away with a healthy six figure payday.

Satellites are running for each of these tournaments, offering lower stakes players a chance to gain entry for less. The $109 Sunday Million is the most realistic target for anyone sitting tight on a limited bankroll, with satellites available for as little as $5.50.

Those four tournaments alone make this a weekend to remember for WCOOP players. But that’s not all that’s on offer for players to get involved with.


WCOOP 2022 will feature a World Championship event for every discipline. First up is the World Championship of PKO

For low stakes players

As always, WCOOP 2022 offers three tiers of events, low, medium and high. Throughout the series, low stakes players can look forward to 23 tournaments at buy-ins of $5.50, and many more for $11 and $22.

On the first day, there are two tourneys with $5.50 buy-ins:

WCOOP 02-L: $5.50 NLHE [WCOOP Kickoff], $50K Gtd
WCOOP 07-L: $5.50 NLHE [Turbo, PKO, Sunday Cooldown], $35K Gtd

The WCOOP 02: $5.50 Kickoff is the first event on the main schedule, and the WCOOP 07: $5.50 Sunday Cooldown is the final tournament of the opening day. Playing both, and throwing in two Sunday Million satellites for good measure, would require total buy-ins of just $22.

For anyone who wants to up the ante, but still stay within the low stakes bracket, the opening day also features an $11 buy in tournament and two $22 tourneys.

WCOOP 03-L: $22 Sunday Warm-Up (PKO, Freezeout), $175k gtd
WCOOP 05-L: $22 Omaha (6-max), $50k gtd
WCOOP 06-L: $11 NLHE (6-max), $100k gtd

Playing all five opening day WCOOP events running for $22 or less costs a total of $66. Add in a couple of Sunday Million satellites and you’re still within a budget of under $80. Of course, it’s up to you to take your pick from the many exciting events on offer.


Watch WCOOP 2022 final tables

Whether or not you’re playing in the series, you can watch the biggest, most prestigious WCOOP 2022 events on PokerStars TV, with commentary from James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton and analysis from an array of poker experts.

The broadcast schedule for the first week includes the final tables of the World Championship of PKO, Sunday Million, and Super Tuesday High Roller.

Monday September 5
Live stream: $5K World Championship of PKO

Tuesday, September 6
Live stream: $109 Sunday Million

Wednesday, September 7
Live stream: $10K Super Tuesday High Roller

You can tune in to watch those final tables on PokerStars Twitch and YouTube channels


Opening day schedule

Also coming up on the first day of WCOOP 2022 is the WCOOP 03: Sunday Warm-Up special editions, the first Omaha event of the schedule, and the first NLHE six max.

Here’s the full opening day schedule in order of events:

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