Wednesday, 24th July 2024 22:21

Xavier Zuczkowski


Sitting with only 10 big blinds coming into Day 2 of the Road to PSPC event in San Marino, in July 2022, Xavier Zuczkowski knew he was up against it. But he tripled up quickly and managed to progress all the way to the final table, and then to heads-up play, where he suggested he and last opponent (from a 433-entry field) should talk about a deal. That opponent refused, stating that he was going to win the tournament anyway. However, flash forward a few hours, and it was Zuczkowski flashing the Platinum Pass and heading to the PSPC.

Zuczkowski is 22 years old and began taking poker seriously about three years ago, having previously learned the game from watching his father play. He is a full-time poker player, but even the longest grinding sessions will seem easy compared with his previous job. He was a cleaner and a cook, working for minimum wage for sometimes 20 hours at a time. Poker has brought him a better income, and better hours.

Zuczkowski plays mainly online or in casinos in Italy and Malta, but is looking forward to traveling to the PSPC with his friend and fellow poker player Francisco. Away from the poker tables, he lists the gym and chess as his main two hobbies — exercising both body and mind.

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