Get rewarded with over 100,000,000 Play Money chips in our Spring Rewards

We want to reward you, so we’re launching our Spring Rewards to give you more when you buy.

This week you’ll be presented with your Spring Rewards Card in the challenges window. From here you can see that every time you make a purchase of Play Money chips you will move closer to completing that purchase level and releasing free chips

How to collect your Spring Rewards

You must opt in to this challenge so we can track your progress.

There are two types of ways you can earn rewards.

1 – Play rewards

  • Play 1 hand and get 20,000 chips instantly
  • Play 20 hands and get 100,000 chips instantly
    • Hands must be Hold’em Play Money cash games, including Zoom (heads-up games excluded)

2 – Purchase rewards

We will track the total number of chips that you purchase and reward you with free chips when you hit selected levels

  • Complete 10,000,000 chips purchased and get 500,000 Free Play Money chips
  • Complete 20,000,000 chips purchased and get 1,500,000 Free Play Money chips
  • Complete 50,000,000 chips purchased and get 5,000,000 Free Play Money chips
  • Complete 100,000,000 chips purchased and get 15,000,000 Free Play Money chips
  • Complete 500,000,000 chips purchased and get 100,000,000 Free Play Money chips

You don’t have to complete the whole card to get rewarded, once a threshold is met – you’ll get instantly rewarded and then move on to the next threshold.

Challenge is by invite only – if you see it in your Challenges Window you are eligible.

This promotion runs in conjunction with any sales that are live during the time, so if you buy your chips at a sale time, you’ll get closer to your next level.

The purchased chips are aggregated, so once you pass a level you’ll be part way to the next level.

Special Offer Details & Rules

  • This total promotion runs from 10:00 ET on April 13 to 23:59 ET on April 19.
  • You must opt in to this challenge
  • Any hands played or chips purchased prior to opting-in will not count towards the Challenge progress.
  • Chip rewards will be credited instantly to your Stars Account.
  • Playing pieces can only be completed by playing Play Money Hold’em cash games, including Zoom cash games.

Click here for general promotional Terms & Conditions.

Contact Support if you have any questions about the Spring Rewards Promotion