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4 Things to Know Ahead of Your First Vegas Trip

May 5, 2023

Knowing how to optimise the Las Vegas experience is key for any newbie traveling to this desert jewel.

Las Vegas remains the most iconic gaming destination in the world, being more approachable and open to the public than luxurious havens like Monaco, while still being the benchmark for other gaming hubs like Macau and Atlantic City.

As with any premier destination, there are some travel tips and suggestions that can turn a good trip into an unforgettable one, and perhaps even lead to repeat visits.

These are just some of the things that any first-time visitor to Las Vegas should be aware of, so they can get the best from this incredible city and its legendary strip.

Gaming and Drinking Make a Bad Cocktail

Las Vegas is famous for many varieties of entertainment and two of those are casino gaming and partying. Unfortunately, the two do not always go well together, with players who’ve drunk too much often falling foul of etiquette standards at casino tables as well as finding their bankrolls significantly diminished come morning.

During a weekend trip, it makes sense to reserve one night for serious gaming and then to pencil in some party time for the following night. After all, gaming on a hangover is nowhere near as fun as being sprightly and fresh.

Use Cash and Leave Your Card in the Safe

There was a time where cash was king on the strip, as high rollers from all over the world flashed green bills from dusk till dawn. Those days are long gone because the modern casino player now prefers to use plastic, or even their e-wallets, to make purchases and payments.

On the strip, though, cards can be dangerous companions, giving players easy access to virtually endless amounts of credit. To avoid a financial headache in the morning, that will make any other headache you have feel like a hiccup, it is best to take a set amount of cash out with you and leave the cards, whether physical or digital, back at the hotel room.

Follow all these hints and tips and you will be sure to want to pay Sin City a repeat visit or two

It Pays to Stay on the Strip

Having paid to get all the way to Vegas, the temptation can sometimes be to slum it when it comes to accommodation, staying well away from the strip, in the city’s suburbs. In most cases this is a mistake, as all those cab rides will begin to stack up after a while. The city itself is also something of a sprawling mass, meaning that a distance on a map may appear more manageable than it is in reality.

Take Some Time to Escape the Hotel and Casino Complexes

Obviously, the highlights of any visit to Sin City are the strip’s nightlife and state-of-the-art gaming facilities, but there are natural wonders just a stone’s throw away from the entertainment district, which can provide a nice getaway from all the hustle and bustle.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a paradise for anyone who’s into sport climbing, hiking, or bouldering. The Valley of Fire State Park gives visitors a visual treat with its unique rock formations. Meanwhile, Bootleg Canyon is known for its thrilling mountain bike trails. However, regardless of the natural area you decide to admire, it’ll be a great way to recharge for the fast-paced city night ahead.