Big Blue Bounty Dives Deep for Reel Excitement
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Big Blue Bounty Plunges the Depths for Reel Excitement

November 27, 2023

Big Blue Bounty is a high volatility slot that plunges players into the midst of rich marine life and crashing waves.

Here we deep dive into exactly what makes this 8-line and 5-reel game flow, including its aquatically themed features such as Jellyfish Free Spins and the Octopus Bonus feature.

Slip into your wetsuit, strap your mask on, take a deep breath and get ready to enter Big Blue Bounty’s depths.

The Big Whale

The Blue Whale is not just the biggest water-based mammal in the world, but it is the largest natural creature the earth has ever seen, often measuring up to 90+ feet in length. To put that in context, it can grow to be longer than two double decker buses as well as weighing in at 150,000kg.

This same giant creature is showcased as part of this slot’s Big Whale feature, which can be activated randomly by any reel spin and has the power to convert blocks of symbols into Big Blue Bounty symbols.

If the Big Whale converts all 16 symbols in reels 2-5 into Big Blue Bounty symbols, and the first reel is full of Big Blue Bounty symbols then a 20,000x multiplier applies to the player’s total bet. Whale by name, whale by nature!

Whales and other wonderful sea life take particular prominence in this slot, that is heavily inspired by the natural world

Whales and other wonderful sea life take particular prominence in this slot, that is heavily inspired by the natural world

Tidal Re-Spin

While the Big Whale is a feature to behold, it should not always be counted on to deliver the right set of Big Blue Bounty symbols for a win, and when the blue whale misses the mark, the Tidal Re-Spin feature can be set in motion.

This feature locks reels 2-5 and provides players with a Free Spin to use on reel 1. This means that the 20,000x multiplier remains a possibility even once the blue whale has long since swam to fresh waters.

Jellyfish Free Spins   

The blue whale is certainly the star of this slot show, but there are other marine creatures that also take centre stage at certain points during the game.

Wild Jellyfish often appear in huge swarms and are carried by currents where they feed on whatever touches their gangly tentacles. They behave in much the same way in Big Blue Bounty.

If one or more of them appear on reel 1, and then four or more appear on reels 2-5, then a Free Spin is netted in return for each Jellyfish that is caught.

It should also be noted that any Jellyfish Free Spins that do happen during the game take place on special reels, which are unique to Free Spin rounds. This is good to know because Free Spin reels are stacked with only the four top-paying symbols, significantly increasing the chances of big wins.

Octopus Bonus

The octopus tends to hunt at night and is also one of the most intelligent beasts in the animal kingdom, meaning its special slots feature has a lot to live up to.

The bonus dedicated to this incredible animal works in much the same way as the Jellyfish Free Spins: if an Octopus symbol appears on reel 1, and then at least two appear on reels 2-5, the Octopus Bonus kicks in.

However, there is one very special difference, as once the Octopus Bonus is activated a player is required to click on the visible Octopus symbols on reels 2 to 5, which in turn will reveal multipliers. Each Octopus carries a multiplier up to 10x, with a total maximum  multiplier of up to 10,000x total bet.