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Cave Mega Blast Slot Review

May 23, 2024

Cave Mega Blast transports you back to a simpler time – a world of berries, clubs, and the comforting crunch of rocks shattering underfoot. This Cayetano Gaming creation might initially charm you with its quirky theme and promise of “mega blasts,” but look closer.

Beneath the surface lies a curious blend of enticing features and disappointing technical stats. Can the thrill of cascading wins and a club-wielding caveman overcome the sting of a low RTP?

Let’s journey into this prehistoric world and see if its treasures are worth unearthing.


Cave Mega Blast isn’t your average slot. Sure, it has five reels and four rows, but those 1,024 ways to win make every spin feel like a potential avalanche. The real twist? Those pesky rocks blocking some positions on the reels. Your prehistoric buddy, the caveman, randomly smashes them, revealing hidden symbols and creating new winning combinations. 

It’s a fresh, engaging mechanic that adds a layer of anticipation to each spin. The game has overall very nice features. The winning potential is also very high; however, the low RTP contradicts that. The main problem lies in the fact that getting those multipliers isn’t always easy.

How to Play

Despite the innovative setup, the gameplay is surprisingly simple. Set your wager (and be prepared – it starts at a hefty £1 minimum) and let those reels spin. Match symbols on any of the 1,024 paylines to score a win. The Mammoth Wild can substitute for other symbols, potentially creating wins you didn’t even see coming.

The true excitement comes when the caveman decides it’s time for a demolition session. As those rocks crumble, symbols cascade down, and if luck is on your side, new wins form. 

Clear all the rocks, and you trigger the Free Spins round, where multipliers come into play, adding a potential layer of prehistoric power to your payouts.


Cave Mega Blast boasts a charming, cartoonish aesthetic that captures the essence of its prehistoric theme. It’s playful, colourful, and easy on the eyes. The caveman, grunting and smashing rocks with gusto, adds a touch of humour to the proceedings. 

While not pushing boundaries in terms of visual artistry, the graphics are well-designed and contribute to a pleasant gaming experience.

Technical Details

Now for the sobering truth: Cave Mega Blast’s 94.87% RTP is lower than we typically see in modern slots. This translates to a higher house edge, making those wins less frequent over the long run. Volatility is low, meaning wins may trickle in more often, but those gargantuan payouts will be rare. The betting range, from £1 to a staggering £500, caters to both cautious players and high-stakes thrill-seekers. 

The max win of 1,500x your bet remains a tantalising prospect, but don’t forget that low RTP – reaching it might take more luck than even the most skilled caveman possesses.

Cave Mega Blast

Cave Mega Blast is a quirky, entertaining slot that will appeal to those who enjoy unique gameplay mechanics and a light-hearted theme. The caveman’s rock-smashing antics inject a dose of excitement, and the cascade feature keeps every spin unpredictable.

However, the low RTP casts a shadow over the experience. For players seeking consistent wins or a slot with a higher potential payout percentage, other caves might hold greater treasure.