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Champagne Supernova – How The Supernova System in Roulette Works

July 5, 2024

Roulette is a well-liked casino game that offers a variety of betting options alongside easy-to-understand rules. 

Luck can provide players with the chance to win substantial prizes. 

Players employ tactics to improve the odds of winning, like the new Supernova System.

Continue reading to learn more about it!

Supernova Roulette Betting System Basics

Supernova Roulette betting was created by professional player Stephen Tabone. 

This betting protocol suggests that players should initially wager 15 chips on every game. On some key numbers, the protocol mandates that players should bet more than once, and the total amount that’s wagered on various numbers at any one time never exceeds 15.

The Supernova system was developed to play the neighbours call bet rule, and it should be adhered to strictly.  Supernova differs significantly from other common roulette strategies like the Labouchere Roulette Strategy and the Martingale Roulette system.

A Look at How the Supernova Roulette Betting System Works

The Supernova strategy relies on the ball landing in two different, repeated spots on the roulette wheel. Believe it or not, the outcomes of individual roulette games truly do contain a random element. 

However, in the Supernova betting system, that random element is coupled with what it calls patterns.

What this means is that after each unique outcome, the Supernova strategy cinches in 1 to 3 creases in the wheel, and each crease is made up of exactly five roulette slots in a row. 

Like with the D’Alembert strategy, whenever the ball eventually drops in the pockets, players get more “bang for their buck”.

How Can the Supernova Roulette Betting System Work in a Players Favour?

A player’s bet-to-bet win/loss ratio must be steady until they start winning money – and that’s accomplished via them flat-betting single numbers (paying 35:1 on roulette).

Using the Supernova Roulette betting system, gamers can win either once (1x), twice (2x) or three times (2x). 

Below, we present payouts for different wins in Supernova.

Here, the bet is 15 roulette chips.

  • 1x win gives players 36 chips (win probability of 1:36 x the payout of 35:1; plus the single chip stake of 1). So, players end up with a net plus 21 chips.
  • 2x win – Players will win having x2 and thus will have 72 roulette chips. The benefit will be = +57 chips.
  • 3x win – means that here a player will get 108 chips in this play round. Potential income +93 chips.

Good luck means that the player will be in a winning round very quickly and will have lots of double or even triple wins. 

According to the Supernova Roulette betting system, it is more likely that a series of wins comprises several wins in clusters. 

Some players will, therefore, increase their stake size during the course of such rounds.

Why must players stick to flat betting when using the Supernova system?

Flat betting is wagering the same value of chips on every round. The easy manner in which flat betting allows players to evaluate how effective the betting system is might be the most valuable benefit. In other words, it’s much easier for players to determine if they win or lose while playing roulette, whether at a brick-and-mortar or top online casino.

The Supernova betting system produces winning and losing streaks. So, as the size of a player’s stake increases, the risks also rise. And, as anyone who has endured the long losing waves this system can produce knows, these waves can deplete a bankroll very quickly. 

Supernova System

The Supernova betting system is based on the creation of patterns from results. This system, unlike other most popular strategies used by the players at different roulette games and tournaments, uses flats. 

Players can give the Supernova system a try if they like flat betting and playing with certain patterns in their roulette game.