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How Do Megaways™ Slots Work?

November 20, 2021

The Megaways™ name appears regularly on slots, but what does it mean and how do these unique games work?

Megaways™ slots work in a very similar way to other video slots. They have a set of reels containing a series of symbols that players attempt to match up with each spin. So far, so simple.

However, unlike a traditional slot game, which has a fixed number of paylines, the innovative Megaways™ mechanic varies the number of symbols on each reel every time players spin them.

The other major difference with a Megaways™ slot is how wins are calculated. On standard games, players win by lining up matching symbols on the same payline. The earliest mechanical slots had a single payline in the centre of the machine, though modern video slots can have more than one.

But when players play Megaways™ slots, they just need to get matching symbols on adjacent reels, regardless of whether they’re on the same line.

This means there can be as many as 248,832 different ways to win while playing a Megaways™ slot, though the exact number varies from game to game. This design provides more variety while players engage, as every spin looks different from the last.

As with other types of slot, there are dozens of Megaways™ games to choose from with themes to suit all tastes including Chilli Heat Megaways™ and The Dog House Megaways™.