3 Card Brag may be a poker derivative, but there are some key differences between the two games
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How to Play Live 3 Card Brag

June 19, 2021

Live 3 Card Brag is a poker variant that has since been developed for virtual casinos. Many of its key features changed when it was brought online to a world of 24/7 live dealers, so below we have broken down everything a player needs to know.

General Rules and Game Dynamics

The game begins with players placing their Ante bet and their optional side bets. After that, the player is dealt three cards and the dealer dealing themselves three cards. The player then bets against the house depending on how strong their holding is, with three-of-a-kind being the strongest hand and a straight beating a flush. Of course, a player can also fold if they think their hand is too weak to continue.

The player and the dealer then compare their hands and the person with the highest ranked hand wins.

The Brag Goes Missing in Live 3 Card Brag

The main difference from regular multi-player 3 Card Brag and Live 3 Card Brag is that when playing against a dealer it is impossible for bluffs to take place. Because of this, players must consider probabilities first and foremost over the possibility that an opponent is bluffing them.

Hand Rankings and Names Vary from Those Used in Poker

Because only three cards are used to determine a hand’s strength in 3 Card Brag, it is important for players to keep in mind that hand rankings work a little differently than they would in a game like Texas Hold’em Poker.

A Prial, is the best hand a player can have and is the equivalent of three-of-a-kind. Then come Running Flush, Run, Flush, Pair, and High, in that order.

Just remember that a dealer’s hand must qualify with at least a High in order for a player to reap rewards.