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Roulette Variants to Play Both Live and Online

March 13, 2023

The variants of roulette are few and well defined. Since its invention in 1716, roulette has seen little change. The few left even in modern tables are more like reinterpretations.

Online roulette, however, has brought to the fore new variations that can be very interesting for the most passionate players.

Before going into modern and online reinterpretations, let’s clarify which are the official variants and still played in live tables around the world.


The first in historical terms and the original.

Generations of mathematicians have studied the possibilities of beating the game in what is, to this day, the most advantageous version for the player.

Of all the variants, the French is in fact the one that offers the highest number of chances calculated on a single bet. In addition to the 36 numbers it has only one zero 0 thus bringing the house advantage to the minimum compared to other roulettes, or 2.7%.

In addition, if you play even/odd or red/black, you can use the magical “En Prison” option to try to further decrease your losses.

The table layout is French unique and for novice players can be confusing, especially if you do not know the vocabulary of the game in the language.


This is the most popular variant in the old continent.

It is still the most played in the live tables and is the direct descendant of the French version.

Even the European version has only one zero, thus maintaining the chances of the dealer at a small 2.7%. This makes them, together with the French, much more advantageous than their overseas sisters.

It lacks the “En Prison” option of its ancestor, but the layout offers additional possibilities.

Very often on the table of the European variant is the “track”. A numbered path that brings with it the possibility of secondary bets and betting on the nearby “voisins du zero”, or numbers close to zero, and on the “Orphelins” orphans.


The American version was born in the casinos of Las Vegas.

The need was to collect earnings quickly and the fastest way was to get some additional small advantage from one of the most popular games.

It was decided to make a change that would have gone unnoticed by most, a second zero. Such a change out of a pre-existing total of 37 numbers raised the bank’s statistical advantage to a much more generous 5.26%.

A variation so advantageous that it has not been abandoned since.

Thanks to this advantage, the American variant has also taken hold in the old continent where it is often proposed as an alternative to the European or French one.


It sits between live roulette and online as a curious variant, but able to give incredible winnings.

Double ball roulette is present as a game in many online casinos, but at the same time in many of them it is presented in a live version. There will then be a real croupier with a real table throwing two real balls.

Its peculiarity lies in the name. At the end of the bets the croupier will throw two balls, instead of one, both in the same direction.

Its layout is inspired by that of the French version, with a single zero and the possibility of betting both single numbers and all combinations present on the traditional table.

The jackpot? Given the low chance that both balls will stop on the same number, the prize in case of victory leaves nothing to be desired. The payout in this case amounts to an amazing 1300: 1.


Many online variants have been born in recent years to offer a new vision of a great classic.

Some are simple proposals of the original versions made available for those who love to play from home, others offer completely revisited rules and layouts.

Let’s start with the simplest

Live roulette

It’s like playing live at a casino table, sitting on the couch at home.

A real roulette is proposed on live webcam that is operated live by a real croupier with real balls.

It may seem trivial, but there are those who love to see the game come to life in its original version. Being able to do it from home is appreciated by many.

As in a live table the bets will stop at the “rien ne va plus”, The layout reflects in all that of the traditional table and with it also the payout in case of victory.

Mini roulette

A completely revisited version of the game, in a much more dynamic and simplified way.

In mini roulette the numbers are only thirteen 13 (twelve 12 plus zero 0) instead of 37 or 38.

Although in a much smaller layout they managed to recreate the typical combinations. Bets 1-6, 4-9 and 7-12 are therefore possible instead of dozens, red/black combinations on numbers and green zero remain.

The payout for each number has obviously been adjusted for a total of 12 winning numbers instead of 36. In this case the win for a single number will be 12 times instead of 36.

Multi-wheel roulette

This version of online roulette is not particularly popular.

It offers the possibility to aim at each lap on several wheels at the same time. Clearly wagers and also winnings will be considered individually for each wheel.

They can be a valid option for those who want to test very complex systems or to test their theories.

Having the possibility to focus on several wheels at the same time it will be possible to test the bike strategies faster or even try different together or in combination.

A creative version mainly suitable for very technical players.

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